Sydney on Christmas Day, any supermarkets open?

Or petrol stations with ample selection?

Am hoping someone from Sydney or who has been on Christmas can help us.

We will be arriving at Sydney airport on Christmas morning (around 6am) and then will drive to Hunter Valley where we have a cottage booked for 3 days. As there is no chance of anything being open in the small area we are going to in Hunter Valley, we need to get some food staples (eggs, bacon, milk, fruit etc.) to enjoy our stay at the cottage.

Does anyone know if there is a supermarket at the airport or near that would be open or a petrol station close by that will be open and will have staples and then some. I have looked and I didnt really see anything on the airport site. Or perhaps there is something that someone knows of just outside Sydney on the way to Hunter Valley?

We will be arriving the domestic terminal as are flying in from Perth.

Greetings from Sydney.

Highly unlikely that shops will be open on Christmas Day. Major Supermarkets are definitely closed however you might find some small independent convenience stores open. The drive from Sydney to the Hunter Valley takes you through the northern suburbs on the Pacific Highway. There are quite a few shopping strips that may have one of these convenience stores. Petrol stations will be open but will have very limited supplies.
Seven11s may be open, use googlemaps to see if one is on your route. Otherwise ask your holiday rental company to see if they'd do you a food basket, most will. And ask them too where you could shop.

In Terminal 2, there's the Hub convenience store.
The Shell locator will also tell you if the garage on your way will have a Coles Express, but it might be easier to email or phone to check.
Thanks for the info
Just make sure you have a ton of water with you in the car when you leave the airport. The drive between Sydney CBD and the Hunter on xmas day is hell with traffic. Expect delays for hours and hours and yes the time you are leaving is when it starts. Along the way you will find petrol stations opened (on the freeway once you are out of Sydney) that will be stocked with everything you require. Just be warned the traffic on Xmas day on the route you are heading is not fun at all. I did this trip a few times (my folks live in the Hunter - lucky them) and gave up after a few years and pulled out on Xmas eve to beat the traffic, I guess you cant do that. Good luck and enjoy and make sure you visit Tempus Two.... the wine is heaven.
Why not ask the people/company that's letting the house to you. They might either be willing to put some basics into the fridge, or they can at least give you the info you need.
They have already offered, but we both have so many allergies/restrictions that it is hard to ask someone to do that for you. We may just pick up what we can fit in the suitcase in Perth before flying our on 24th Then get what we can find at the pertrol stations.
Thanks for the responses!
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