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Hi. I'm looking for Radlbauer bike shop in Euro Industry Park. Problem is I don't know where Euro Industry Park is. What metro stop is that? And then when I arrive, how do I get from the metro to the shop?

If it weren't for this site, I'd never get a thing done in Munich. Scheisse.
Doing a full search I found these directions :

Mediamarkt store locations in Munich

"Euroindustriepark. U6 to Kieferngarten then take the free bus to Walmart. " (Quote Owain Glyndwr)

"For the Euroindustriepark one, you can also take the U2 to Am Hart and then take the free Walmart bus. " (Quote IPJ)
but for these instructions to be really useful it's helpful to note that the free bus goes from just outside the station bus park, on the main road. Then everything is obvious.

If you go to Kiefengarten it's also only about a 15/20 minute walk if you miss the bus.

Come out of the U-Bahn to the Bus garage and go straight on (past the bus station) until you hit a main road (only about 50-100 metres). Turn right and keep walking and it's on your left.

The free Bus takes about as long as it does on foot as it goes round the houses, so if it's a nice day I'd walk.
Radl Bauer
Maria-Probst-Straße 23 (Euro-Industrie-Park)
80939 München
Telefon/Fax (089) 31 69 94-03/-41,
Mo-Mi 10-12, 13-18.30, Do-Fr 10-12, 13-19.30,
Sa 9.30-16 Uhr; gebrauchte Fahrräder nur Mi
13-15 Uhr
Freimann, U2 (Am Hart), SUMA-Bus
★ Fahrräder; Inzahlungnahme, Reparatur,GarantieRadl Page 70.
Use MVV-travel planner. It helps a lot...
Take the REAL bus and not the Walmart bus!!!
The bike shop is right next door to Real. Both busses run right behind each other.
The Walmart bus will take you about 3/4 of mile further down the road., but it is a nice day for a walk.
Thanks very much everbody. I really appreciate it.

Was jut browsing and noticed the Euroindustriepark, it doesnt seem overly far from me (I liv in Milbertshofen) is anything there open on Sundays, although I think it may just be the KFC...

Also have seen a free shuttle bus mentioned on here... From AM Hart U bahn station, I have seached for a timetable on this but have had no luck, do these buses run on sundays? Also does anybody have a timetable for it?

Many thanks.
Small Town Boy
Everything is closed on Sundays. Basic information.
STB... KFC isnt according the website...
Well except the pubs.
Small Town Boy
Well if you want to spend a beautiful Sunday travelling to an industrial park to eat at KFC then good luck to you. It's not my personal idea of living the dream.
I didn't come here for your sarcastic comments, you haven't actually answered any part of my original question.

I'm only looking for a timetable, not your stupid comments.
Small Town Boy
You asked if the shops were open, I told you they were closed. I assumed you wouldn't want to go there if the shops are closed, which would have made the second half your question irrelevant, which is why I didn't answer it.
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