Red light above the Hofapotheke - Odeonsplatz - Munich

What is it for?

Daft, daft question here - but it's Friday, bear with me.

If you walk along the side of the Residenz, on Residenzstra├če from the theatre heading towards Odeonsplatz - there is an apotheke on the right hand side ... I think it's called the Hofapotheke on the west (I think) side of the Residenze.

Anyway, in the window above there is a small red light.

What the hell is it? It's on EVERY TIME I pass. I'm sure it can't be for security as surely it would be on the outside of the building. Is it on a chair? Has anyone else ever even seen it?
Perhaps it is the emergency apotheke.
Maybe it's a brothel!
NOW I FINALLY know where the red light district in Munich is... thanks, BlueSte!!!
There aren't difficult to find. Try Hansastrasse if you want a red light district.
See, the thought of it being a brothel had crossed my mind - but I have never seen a semi naked munter looking bored in the window ... so I had my doubts ...
There are some on the buildings near Frauenhoferstrasse U-Bahn too. They look funky , but do they have a usage ?
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