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Unidentified but like mini cockroaches

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Hello all,

I need some advice from you all.

recently i am seeing some insects in our kitchen. it is like a miniature size of cockroach.. but it is not cockroach..

I really need your help.

and also please suggest some spray to get rid of it.

thanks a ton..
Are they silverfish (silberfischchen)?

If so there are traps & sprays available at supermarkets & drug stores...
We have a whole thread on How to eradicate silverfish from an apartment.
Thanks for the replies, unfortunately, they are not silverfish..

it is quite look like small cockroach..

please suggest any spray stuffs
Post a photo!
Alternatively, buy any insect spray suitable for indoor use.
aji, we had some nasty little shiny black beetles in our kitchen which turned out to be some variety of larder beetle (Speckkäfer) (warning to the faint-hearted: explicit picture). Ours were coming in through cracks in the silicon sealing at the floor/wall joint. Not lots, but a few sightings every day, just enough to creep me out. I put down some ant powder (Ameisenmittel) and haven't seen them since. Try and find out where they're coming from, check for any cracks and ask for advice in a Baumarkt or garden centre.
Once you know where they are coming from you might try sprinkling Kaisernatron (like baking soda but not quite*) down the crack or hole. It is said to work against ants.

Attached image

It's available at German drugstores such as Schlecker, DM and Rossmann.

*EDIT: Is is baking soda (NaHCO3), it is not the same a soda (Na2CO3).
finally managed to understand what is that..from my colleagues..

it is cockroach.. i was under the impression that cockroaches are always big enough.. but this is the first time i am seeing something small cockroach like this..

however here is the photo... and he is the culprit..

Thanks again for all the replies.. and thanks for the one who created a separate topic on this.

Could you please suggest some know sprays for these.. and shops where i can get..

This site says that you should always call in the pest control people to deal with cockroaches. They're apparently very resilient and breed fast. Find companies here.
Stir Fried Cockroach


4-5 Cockroaches (recently frozen)

1 Onion (~4 oz)

1 Red Pepper (~4 oz)

1 Green Pepper (~4oz)

Salt (1 TBS)

MSG (2 TBS) (white crystalline compound used as a food additive to enhance flavor; often used in Chinese cooking)

Corn Starch (1 TBS)

Cooking Oil (4 TBS)

White Rice (bag)


1. Remove and discard the solid wing covering flaps and all legs of the cockroach.�

2. Put the whole cockroach into a pot of boiling oil quickly fry for 15 seconds.

3. Heat up a wok until hot. Add 4 spoons of oil and put all vegetables into it to stir fry for 3 minutes.

4. Put the half fried cockroach in to the wok and add salt, MSG, and corn starch.

Dear All,

As we feared, now the cockroaches are spreading everywhere, started coming to living room, kindly request to refer some pest control contacts within munich city, i tried with one link provided in our post and waiting for reply tomorrow as it was already late. we want to solve this issue by tomorrow morning itself.

please provide us with some contacts of pest control within munich city.

thanks in advance.
Call your landlord...

tell him you will not pay the rent till its sorted...
Most definitely. Contact your Hausverwaltung (building management) or landlord first thing in the morning and demand that they
- exterminate the bugs
- provide or pay for alternative housing during the fumigation
- make sure that you aren't infested again
Lavender Rain
Could you please suggest some know sprays for these.. and shops where i can get..
Sorry to hear about your ordeal. I'm dealing with menace carpet beetles (pelzkaffer) right now. I had a firm take a look at the bug and he prescribed a spray to use. He advised me if I used the spray to wear a mask that he gave me then open the windows and leave the house for a few hours.

If you like I can PM you my pest guy cell phone number, but he only speaks German. He could probably tell you what you need to do. But really this should be the landlords responsibility.
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