Configuring a Speedport W503V - Germany

Installation and Configuration

As an English speaker I find the W503V difficult to understand. Does anyone know if its possible, and if so step by step how to do the following:
1. change the WIFI password?
2. change the router name?
3. restrict access to the router by MAC address?

Looking at the sub-menus in the router I can't figure it out, since its in German. Is everyone happy with this router?

It's a decent box.

You change SSID and WLAN security over the menu item "Konfiguration / Sicherheit / SSID & Verschlüsselung“ and MAC filtering over "Konfiguration / Sicherheit / WLAN-Client Zulassung“
I too am stumped by the speedport W 503V . It seems that I have full reception on my computer but the wifi signal drops intermittently. I am in range of several different neighbor wifi networks. I am guessing that they too are signed up with t-mobile, are using a speedport, and their speedport is occupying the same wifi channels.

I once heard that wifi signals run from a channel 1 to 11. And if there is a full channel it can affect your signal (interference). Does anybody know how to modify the wifi channel my speedport is broadcasting?

I am able to access the configuration page.

Does anybody know how to modify the wifi channel my speedport is broadcasting?
...I am able to access the configuration page.
Konfiguration / Netzwerk / WLAN (Wireless LAN) -> Kanal
=> take one about 5 units above or below the current one. If auto was set, try one of the higher numbers.

A different alternative would be, if your computer's OS allowed it, to select (only) 802.11a+802.11n, instead of the typical 802.11b+802.11g+802.11n range where handsets and microwaves operate.
hi can any body help me i have a speedport w503v and have my xbox connected to it but my nat type is moderate iv spoke to Microsoft and they have told me wot ports i need to open but i dont know how to do it can anyone help me please
Here ya go
thanks for the clip but its in german i cud do with some thing in english i need to open ports tcp 80,3074,53 and udp 88,3074,53 and i also need to have the upnp open some one please help me
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How un-greatful,

What you wanted is there...

Try it...
You don't need to understand German. Just watch what hes doing on the screen, and follow along..
Another option would be to pay me 25 Eur + travel costs to Gütersloh
€25 is a good deal! I suggest you pay Darkknight the money and let him access your system over remote desktop to avoid travel costs.....
Travel costs are the same whether I go there in person or my TCP/IP packets do
Insted of "By the KM", it's by the Router HOP..
Ive a question. Now i'm living in a Studenten-WG in Konstanz. I would like to add my Speedport W503v to my room as a switch/router so that i could use wireless devices with the connection. The problem is when i connect the Speedport, it will ask for my ISP username and password. In this WG we dont need a username and password, just connect the cable to the wall and the internet will run automatically.

So i need help in configuring my Speedport W503V as a switch/router
The W503V has a built in DSL modem for direct connection to an ADSL line. You can't disable the modem, so can't use it as a router alone. Sounds to me you need a hub anyway if you want cabled connections or a simple wireless access point for WiFi.
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