Indoor Swimming Pools - Hamburg

Looking for a public pool in Hamburg

Does anyone know a good indoor public swimming pool in Hamburg?
Try one of these... Finding out yourself is half the fun, isn't it?
Guess it depends on what you're looking for in a pool exactly, but Holthusenbad at Kellinghusenstrasse is a favorite of mine.
Little Pip
I have been to Ariba and it is really neat with lots of water slides, kid pools and also lane swim pools, but it is in Wedel so maybe a little out of your way. I have also been to the Hallenbad in Blankenese which has two pools, a 25 or so meter lane pool with 2 diving boards and a small, warmer kiddy pool with a small slide. Here is a link to info on it
I used to live in Wedel & am not aware of an Ariba Schwimmbad - If you Google it comes up with Arriba Erlebnisbad in Norderstedt which is up North rather than way out West.....

Wedel has what they call Badebucht.
Little Pip
right. sorry for the mistake!
Just been to Bartholomäusbad in Barmbek - beautiful, and beautifully relaxing, as children are not allowed in there (sorry, I've got nothing against children - my idea of relaxing just doesn't involve kids screaming and jumping in from the sides without paying attention to anyone they might drown in the process ;-) )
I am wanting to find a swimming pool just to swim, no sauna or anything near Ohlstedt, does anybody know of any good cheap ones? Thanks x
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