P+R Eching - Park and Ride - Munich

Is it free?

I'm flying tomorrow morning, and a quick check on the bus timetable tells me that it isn't going to be as easy to get from Garching to the airport as I had hoped. The S-Bahn is no problem, but getting to it is.

I know that there is no free parking in Ismaning for the S-bahn, but I've just seen on the map that Eching is P+R - does anyone know if this is free or chargable? A colleague mentioned that she usually parks there, but I'd like to know if I have to find somewhere on the street or use the station car park.

If this is not an option, how about Neufahrn or Hallbergmoos? I'm away for 2.5 weeks if that makes a difference.
Do a quick search. There was someone here renting out a garage just minutes from the Airport for cheap!
cheers eurovol - that's not quite what I'm after
take a taxi.
cheers, I think in the end I'm going to cycle - the weather looks okay and it only takes half an hour.
The parking is free at the station.. I just dont know if they allow overnight parking at the station...
Yeup, after exhaustive searching I found that P+R may be free during the day, it is never valid at night and runs up a fee of 30E/night. I cycled. It was fine.
An alternative (which I've used) is to take the 219A bus from Garching Ubahn station to Unterschleissheim or the 292 to OberschleiƟheim and then the S1 to the airport. Takes about 20 mins to get to the S-Bahn station.
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