Programme Hotspot Shield - Germany

Is it worth installing?

Good morning TTers,
Has anyone ever heard of the above programme and is it worth installing if, for instance, you do your banking online? You can download it free from the Anchor Free site, but it's the first I've heard of the company and I'm not sure whether they are trustworthy or not.
Any opinions here?
Advance thanks and friendly greetings
I have the program. You have the ability to turn it on or off, you only turn it on when you need a proxy address. HOwever, you do not always get a connection that is functional and many times when you do it ends up being too slow for streaming.

What are you wanting to use it for?
FYI- you can find many other sites that stream tv shows and do not require a proxy ip.
Thank you for the information, at least I now know the company is above board. No, I'm not into tv from foreign parts at all, I just thought it might be useful if my tracks were encrypted when using my bank services online. Purely a security measure because of the warnings in the media lately.
Thanks again and cheers
Online banking sites use https, so it's encrypted anyway. Hotspot Shield definitely comes in handy when using unencrypted wifi (say at a cafe) though. Standard POP3 for example is not encrypted, which means your email password is transmitted as plain text when you use a client like Outlook to check your email.
Since I am so stupid that I cannot figure out how to create a new thread I am forced to piggyback on this one. I wanted to sign up for a VPN, Virtual Private Network, to access all the things in the US that my location here in Munich doesn't allow. Does anyone have a recommendation? I had read some information on Hotspot Shield here and tried it and was fortunate to access Nancy Wilson's "Christmas Waltz." Great song but it took approximately 20 minutes for it to load up and finally play, with delays during the song. I am certainly willing to try a premium service and was wondering if anyone has a provider they use that they are satisfied with? I would prefer a service similar to Hotspot Shield, where I just download some software rather than having to deal with changing routers. My current living situation isn't going to allow me to get creative with their internet configuration. Thanks in advance and happy holidays.
VPN's have been discussed here a lot. Put it in the search engine.

Happy holidays backatcha!
The original posts I found were pretty old but I found one thread from September. Thanks for the reply.
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