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So I have a PS3 and ordered the new FIFA 10 from on the 28th September.

It wasnt in stock then as far as I can remember but was coming in on the 1st!

I checked online and the expected delivery date for my order was stated as being from the 1st to the 5th October. So I have been waiting patiently for the email to say its on its way.

No email Monday, no email Tuesday, Wednesday nothing...Today Still no bleedin email .

So I see that one can send them an email from their website and in English. Jolly Good!

So I wrote.."wheres me order no. 12334....?"

Got no confirmation of the email being received by their support staff
Just logged in to check it and its vanished! Nix, where to be seen! Never ordered it according to mein konto dingi!

Not even an email to state its been deleted! Weird!

So I now say to Amazon... "You are CRAP!" ....Basta!

phew..glad thats off me chest! Thank you and enjoy your day!
wheres my emotions?
I think this is a candidate for a merge with the Vent thread..... any admins around?
merge it....God Krakp thats a very German thing to say.... your living here too long mate...its getting to ya
Is your order no longer listed when you check on your account? If you have an email confirmation with your original order number then you should get back in touch with them and ask for a status. Sometimes if an order ships it moves from Offene und k├╝rzlich aufgegebene Bestellungen to the Bestellungen in den letzten 6 Monaten section, so check this as well in your account details.

I tend to order my PS3 games from and my copy arrived today, so Amazon in general are normally pretty good.
In my experience are excellent. One fuck up doesn't make them all retards. Off to the vent with you!
I've only had one problem where they mistakenly shipped two cameras instead of one and we cleared that up in record time. Otherwise they are very reliable and I order tons of stuff from them.

As someone said, you're probably looking in the wrong place for your order.
In my experience are excellent. One fuck up doesn't make them all retards. Off to the vent with you!
Ditto, I've never had any problems with them. Their customer service is great too in my experience. You can call them, or use the contact form to have them call you (or send an email). Both worked perfectly for me before.
I personally love ordering from Amazon because it's so easy and quick. So if your order really vanished and you cannot find it anywhere in your account, give them a call and ask them about it.
RickMunich rocks. It still amazes me that I can place an order one day and get my books the next day or the day after. Fantastic.
On the whole, they're pretty good...when I was in the UK, I ordered a Wii from them as they were the only people doing preorders (even weren't taking orders) plus it was a lot cheaper than buying it back home. They said it would take 6 weeks, but then I got an email saying that it would arrive a week later...and it did! So they're certainly not bad on the console front, in my opinion.

The only problem I have had with them is ordering books from Germany to the UK - after 2 weeks, my books hadn't arrived. I contacted and they said that 6 weeks was a standard delivery time for orders to the UK. 6 weeks just to send two books across! Sure enough, they arrived bang on 6 weeks after I ordered them.
I hate (and for a different reason. Amazon UK won't let me buy the MP3's that they have on offer because I'm in Germany. Amazon DE will let me buy MP3's but they don't have the same ones that Amazon UK are offering. Catch-F*cking-22.

My way around it is to use to control my Mum's computer back in England and do the purchase/download there, and then email myself the mp3 file(s). Stupid or what.
In my experience, I'd no problems with Although I find the same products from different sites/shops, I love to order from Amazon, as its quick and quality of the products is almost always good (unless, you buy it from a third party store).

Apart from this, they have some talented people working there (specially, in the software department).
I also have no complaints with The only time I was a little peeved was when I was ordering an English language book which was out of stock (from Amazon UK, actually). They pushed the delivery date back a couple of times. I did, however, receive e-mail correspondence each time. Still, one (minor) issue out of the dozens of times I've used them is no real problem. I also never ceased to be amazed at ordering something one day and receiving it the next. It's brilliant.
In my experience, I'd no problems with
I also have no complaints with
Couldn't agree more. Amazon DE and UK get lots of money out of me.

I just wish they'd use your credit/debit card registered name/address as their check for validity to download MP3s from them, rather than your IP address. I can go onto Amazon UK and order books, CDs, DVDs etc and have them delivered to Germany no problem. But I can't do the same thing with an MP3. Makes no sense to me.
I was an fan until last week. What I guess it happened it that DHL tried to delivery the package but they forgot to leave the paper saying in which post office I should claim the parcel. After some days I checked in and tried to figure out what happened, contacted customer service and only got standard replies, I insisted and asked around 5 times but nothing, just standard replies, like no one reads the emails. I had to give up and call the paid lines and trace down the parcel.

At least the person at the post office apologized for the missing piece of paper.
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