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I would like to introduse myself 1st. My name is Andy.I am a student medical university,Russia. Actually i am a citizen of india and after my higher secondry education i came here for my medical studies in general medicine (M.B.B.S), So as i am a student of final year now,i am searching a university or hospital in germany; for my post graduate studies,or residency and good feture. So actually i am interested doing my post grduate,residency education in Master of surgery of Orthopedics and Trauma subject or in opthalmology, radiology in medium of ENGLISH instruction (ofcorse if possible) orelse in german language (if not possible in english), So i want all detail information about the residency education in germany. So i request to send me those all. As i am having few quiestions like Can i get admissinon in this university/hospital for post graduation or lets call residency, as above noticed subject? What will be the medium of instruction?( as i am starte to learn german language) What will be criteria of admission? What kind of document university/ hospital needs? What are the tution fees ( is it true i heard that residency is absolutly free, and i get paid descently)? What about student life? Are there any yet indian students enrolled? What about dermatory and living expance? Can i enroll by my self in residency corse, please will just send me some emails or related websites of hospital where they allows non EUropian student? How and all i have to being ready if i deside to continue the study in this university? which and all exams exactly i have to give, as i directed that i have to pass the german language exam ( is that toffel DAF exam? if not then please specify me) and what about state medical exam?? please have in mind that i am a russian medical diploma holder, but citizen of india. is there any your personal conact no then please leave for me because i realy need to talk to you, i am really looking forword for this...!in this whole my case, i need to know that as i mentioned above about i am a non european citizen (indian) and studing in non-eropean country (russia) so my medical diploma will be russian. that is doctor of medicine (MD) i need to come back to india and proove my indian registration of prctice or its really not needed to do that, just from russia i can go to germany?? if just from russia i can go to germany then what will be the procedure? i need to take test daf?? i just dont now anything related the system to get enter in residency program in germany just from beging can you explain me please!? (perticullarly case like me) is there any chances to get enter? if yes then how many percent you think for that (your pesonal opinion please) what about scolarships and any other benifits. I am eagarly waiting for your reply so please do send me the answer. please asnwer me Thanking of you, Anand.G Shelke
Didn't read your entire post, but I suggest doing some initial research on your own and if after doing so you still have a few specific questions, then post them in bullet form asking for a response.
Maybe you should try to contact some universities or hospitals to ask about this. Better yet, university hospitals. Here are a few:
I would also suggest you get yourself onto an English language course pronto. Because I don't see how any reputable university would allow you to study in English with language skills that are so poor. Certainly in Australia I have known people with far better English skills than yours who were told 'no way, improve your English first'.
I suggest you stay in Russia or return to India. Both countries need good doctors. Germany has plenty.
Thanks A lot for "HELP".(or critiism, i don't know) I am really thank full for your help and comment on my English. Anyway i think so my English is not "so" bad, yes it is normal if anyone look to my post above, it is more likely to be spam mail, I was very confused and very random thought was going on while writing (As now i am writing near about on 20 forums regarding this problem)So the result is as you see above "mess". Another problem is while typing fast i do miss or may be everyone do miss some of charactors. Basically i thought i am not writing the mail for "Chief Doctor but posting a post just formally.
Is there anybody else who can really help me but not "critocise"?
I don't want to shatter the dream. Yes you have a wide vocab, but you really need to buff up spelling and grammar. I worked in the university system in the States and you would be placed in English courses before you could even be placed at University level. As others have suggested I would look for a course of study in your native langauge, or perhaps consider a language course. When it comes to collegiate writing, is is bad. You cannot have grammatical errors. The majority of my instructors would give a automatic F if there was more than three errors even in a 20+ page research project.
yes i do agree with, but what's wrong? are we really talking about? if you guys understand the concept then whats wrong? answer me regarding "topic" and there is nothing to do with English than German! come on...
The thing is no one here is going to answer every question you have suggested. You need to do some of your own legwork here. Anyone who wants to study ought to be able to ring up the university and seek out pertanant information.
Serena's right. What I often recommend to people here wanting to learn about career paths in Germany is to go to which will give you (in German of course) lots of:

(1) basic information about professions in Germany very quickly
(2) links to bodies / institutes / organisations that are involved in the professions here
(3) other relevant links such as laws governing your intended profession and its training arrangements.

That is - in my experience - by far the best way to do it.
It's unlikely that you will get what you are seeking.

If your German language skills are equivalent to your English, then no reputable facility is going to accept you.

I certainly wouldn't wanted to be treated by someone who might confuse ambulation and amputation.
answer me regarding "topic" and there is nothing to do with English than German! come on...


Didn't read your entire post, rather I couldn't. You must know that some of us, like me, have extremely short attention spans. Perhaps writing concisely, please note perhaps, may elicit "useful" replies. you don't want people to read and re-read and re-read and re-read your posts to understand the essence of your post...

I would imagine that doctors must be able to communicate in the local language, so maybe learning German would be a good idea as the first step. Just a thought. Then you can start reading German websites without the help of

Just a thought...
someone who might confuse ambulation and amputation.

Dangermouse: Hey doc, I think I've sprained my ankle..
Doc (Thinking): Ah ha.. I haven't spoken to that PYT physio in a while, let me send Dangermouse to her for slow ambulation(???)
Doc: No worries, I'll refer you to the physio-therapist...
Dangermouse: Gee thanks doc!
Doc (Writing): Rx... Slow amputation.

Ok.. where is that sad jokes theard...
Andy - you should find the Bundesaertztekammer has a lot of the info you need to get started. In particular,

According to the Federal Medical Profession Law (Bundesärzteordnung, BÄO) Non-EU/EEA-citizen can apply for a provisional licence (Berufserlaubnis nach §10 BÄO). It is issued by the regional authority of the Land in which the post is based. For a successful application non-EU citizens are required to show proof of a concrete job offer and work permission in Germany. They may also be required to pass an oral exam in German language.

The medical licence will initially be a temporary licence in order to complete the post-graduate training.
They won't, however, be able to tell you whether you should do ophthalmology or radiology or orthopedics - maybe you should find out which there is more of a shortage of in Germany
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