Erotik Messe München - Munich

25.Sep.2009 - 4.Oct.2009 - Olympiapark München

Hi boys and girls,

I decided to check out this years Erotik Messe in München. Never been there but I am willing to take the risk for a complete waste of money.
People interested joining give me a shout.

take care
Folks have gone before -- just for info:

Went to one here last year. Paid the €20 and regretted it about 10 minutes later. Complete waste of time and money. Nothing erotic about it at all. Lots of stalls selling porn videos, dildos and fetish gear. Crappy strip-shows with dodgey looking blokes with their hands in their pockets having a fiddle. Blantantly obvious prostitutes mingling with the punters and clearly touting for business.

Avoid it cause it's a total waste!!
Read more here: Erotik Messe
Ok cool, so I got my instincts right anyways. I will spend it on drinks instead.
This has tickled me

I like the way the Erotik Messe it is advertised every week or two weeks as though its a one off event. Its on nearly all the time. I had a good laugh at Keydecks surprise that it was crap and seedy thanks Gen for posting his old reply
Not sure why it's amusing. I'd never been to one here before and the advertising that I saw at the time implied a very different type of event than what was actually presented.
Mmm. So organised in the middle of the Oktoberfest period when everybody is going to be totally minging drunk. They know what they're doing.
HI, have you checked it out already?
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