Lederhosen Rental in Munich

Where and how much?

I've got friends in town for the Wies'n and one asked me about renting lederhosen. Is this possible? If so where and how much does it cost?
this place says 30 EUROs a day.
how much does it cost to buy?
if you want to buy one of the cheapest places is C and A.
Does that mean that you are wearing Lederhosen that have been worn by someone else? If so, I know that they must have had the Lederhosen thoroughly cleaned prior to renting them out to a customer. Regardless of that fact, I can't imagine me wearing Lederhosen from a previous renter who may have pissed or shit in the hosen. I'd rather buy my own Lederhosen. Good luck.
No, after each rental the company throws them away and buys new stuff.

Seriously, I appreciate the fact that it's a beer festival and people get very drunk, but how often do you piss and shit in your trousers?!

I recommend you don't do any sort of diving course, ever, unless you're willing to front up a load of cash. You'd have serious problems wearing someone elses wetsuit.
Lederhosen are traditionally worn commando. I would be wary of renting any.
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