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Hi everyone!
I'm about to move to Munich for 11 months as I landed an internship there. The workplace is in Neuherberg which I guess is technically in zone 1, but I havent landed a permanent room just of yet, so for the sake of simplicity I will not go further than zone 2.
First off, how do I actually get an IsarCard and how long does the process of acquiring one take? Do they send it to your household or do you just get it from a shop there and then? And how do you set up a monthly direct debit for it? There are many IsarCard types but translating the official pages is a little misleading and confusing, so I was hoping if there is a kind soul here who can tell me the differences!
For those of you from the UK, would you say it is much like an Oyster card where there is an automatic top up to the card?

And my final question...
How do you pronounce Neuherberg?

Many thanks!
You can get the Isarcard from any of the shops that sell them, there is defenitely one at marienplatz and you can also get one at the Ticket Machines.

It is pronounced Noi-her-berg
I think you looked at the wrong map. For monthly and weekly tickets you'll need this map. Neuherberg is directly on the border between zones 4 and 5 so it will depend on where you are going to be working which zone you'll need. It would make sense to choose zones 1-4/5 as you'll more than likely want to go into the city center too.
You can walk in and get a monthly IsarCard at Marienplatz at the MVV store. You can also buy monthly tickets at many kiosks and ticket machines.

If you get a yearly ticket (MVV Abo), and you have the amount debited from your bank account, you only pay for 10 months instead of 12 (last two months free.) The IsarCard and MVV Abo are both based on the ring system, not the zone system, i.e. you would need a ticket valid for rings 1-4. This costs EUR 60 per month.

If you get a yearly ticket, which you can order online as well, they send you the whole year's (monthly) tickets in one go. You tear off the monthly ticket for the month you are in and carry that with you, and then at the next month, do the same again. Note that monthly tickets are only for the calendar month, and don't start on the day you buy it, i.e. if you buy a monthly ticket on October 10th, it is for the month of October and not until November 10th.

With the yearly tickets, you can also decide whether to get a transferrable ticket or a ticket with your name on it. The benefit of having your name on it is, if you forget your ticket and get caught, you can take the EUR 40 fine ticket to the MVV office, show your monthly ticket with your name on it, and then you only have to pay a EUR 5 fine rather than EUR 40. The yearly tickets are mailed to your house if you order online and it usually comes in a week. If you enroll for the yearly tickets at an MVV office, you walk out with them.
Isarcard is the calendar or monthly travel card for the Munich area.
The Oystercard as in used in Greater London can have that function but that is where the similarity ends.

Isarcard is a paper based ticket.
You don't swipe in or out of any public transport though you do have to show it bus drivers after 2100.
You can't have a certain level of money on your card in case you want to spontaneously travel to extra zones.
The system doesn't calculate for you on a daily basis what would be the cheapest combo for journeys already taken, you need to do that yourself in advance.

If you mean Neuherberg here:,+Munich,+Bavaria,+Germany&ie=UTF8&cd=4&geocode=FerH3wIdutKwAA&split=0&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=23.875,57.630033&ll=48.204884,11.58474&spn=0.055602,0.154324&z=13

then that's I guess in Zone 4, check on the website:

where you will find maps and stuff.

As you say you want to live central and I guess you'll be in the centre of town as well I'd suggest you go for a monthly Isarcard Zones 1-4

I guess you'll be heading up there on the U2 line so think about living somewhere along there:
stations would be areas I'd maybe recommend.

Not as "nice" or trendy some might say but I've got a couple of colleagues who live in this area too and they like it.
Cheaper and only 5 minutes longer into the city centre on the U2.,11.574419&sspn=0.013907,0.038581&rq=1&ev=zo&ll=48.182541,11.577659&spn=0.013907,0.038581&z=15
It is pronounced Noi-her-berg
Would Noi-hair-bairg be better in the English pronunciation?
When my mother came to visit I told her she needed a "Strife and Carter" which did the trick at the airport. I think she asked for a "Trouble and Strife" at first! :-)

And everybody give MonksTowns post above loads of green plusses for it's helpfulness!
Would Noi-hair-bairg be better in the English pronunciation?
Indeed it´s better.

Neu = noi
her = the vowel as in gate (AE pronounciation, no diphthong as in BE),
berg = E as in "let" or "men"
Well spotted. Though I know many who would pronounce her berg, hur burg. It needs more hair and more bear!
Thanks everyone for your help, its making more sense now!
Pah didn't even realise it was in zone 4, I thought the white area was zone 1, the salmon-ish area was zone 2 and so forth. This trip is getting more expensive each day
Still a LOT cheaper for what you get than the UK.
The 4 rings you mentioned are for single journey fares.
Each of those is comprised of four thinner rings for the calculation of monthly passes, the Isarcard.
All of the white area you see is Zones 1-4 which is basicly all of the City of Munich and a couple of outside small towns.
I am insterested to buy isarcard only for a week..
Could i buy this card from the airport?
I want only 4 circles..
Having this isarcard thing would i pay less to get into the city center?
5 euros as i checked for 3 zones..?
You can buy an Isar card at the airport, either at the staffed railways desk I guess or a newsagent.
But think on that a weekly Isarcard is for a calnedar week. They always run Monday to Sunday.
If you buy zones 1-4 you could get an outer zones day ticket for about €5 to take you from the airport to the zone 4 boundary.
Buy a bicycle as bus 294 service to Neuherberg sucks!
You can buy an Isar card at the airport, either at the staffed railways desk I guess or a newsagent.
There are also plenty of ticket machines near the escalators to the S-Bahn.
IsarCard is valid for!?
Only ubahn and sbahn? Or for buses and trams etc?
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