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TV or radio shows that do this

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anyone know a radio show or tv show or anything where there is somebody speaking english with a german accent??

I did a search of the forum and kind of surprised that hasn't come up yet.


The only one that comes immediately to mind is the 1984 - 1992 BBC comedy series (and West End stage show) 'Allo 'Allo! -- but there must surely be others.


YouTube clips

As far as I know DVDs of all episodes are still available from the BBC online store
Do you want a serious attempt to do a German accent, or someone trying to be funny (making fun of a German accent)? For the latter, Hugh Laurie played a German spy in the Black Adder series (the Elizabethan period).
Any of the Terminator films!
thanks for the responses but what i'm really after is not someone trying to speak with a german accent but someone who is in fact german and is speaking english or trying too.

i've looked and looked and looked but can't seem to find that and to be honest i'm shocked that i can't.
And there's always Monty Python.
not arnold or roy and his white tigers.
best thing would be a real german person.

i'll keep looking i'll find it eventually.

thanks to all
Til Schweiger in One Way (2006)

Alternatively search CNN for vox pop on Michael Jackson's death/funeral: they interviewed a queue of Germans about what they thought.
Diane Kruger in Inglourious Basterds. She speaks English with a German accent in the movie.
What about Heidi Klum in "Project Runway"
It leaves me feeling slightly uneasy. What is wrong with this corporate video? Is it the accent? Is it the overdesigned little towns? Is it the dead body floating in the stream or the couple making love in the field next to it? Is it the elaborate 'houses of ill repute'? Nein, O nein. It is the creepy control room.

You still haven't quite clarified what you're looking for. One of the most famous German speakers in USA is Arnold Schwarzenegger - Admittedly he's Austrian, but still. Of all the native German speakers I know, I dont know anyone else that has kept such a thick accent. Do a search on youtube for him - he's the Govenor of California (which is always amuzing to hear him say, or try to say California) There's got to be speaches available if all you're looking for is the accent and what it sounds like in English.

Here's a very quick link that has some of his speeches and news coverage: http://gov.ca.gov/

*Edit* Sorry, I just re-read what you were looking for. I got confused with the wording.

Here's something better though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2l_wblug3U&feature=related
There's always Henry Kissinger, whose accent grows thicker as he ages.
Schwarzenegger does indeed have an accent, but his command of English is almost perfect and his grammar often better than native-born American politicians. I except Kahliforneea, of course.
No, I didn't ever vote for him.
heh It wasn't about the accent as such. I just liked the weird video. Leave it to the Germans to include brothels, drug addicts and dead bodies in a miniature model. A Toytown if there ever was one.
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