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Where to buy cheap and/or used bicycles

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Just bought a bike myself and did the round of the Second hand shops in Munich. Here's the ones I can remember and most had stuff in your price range:

Doctor Bike: One on Schelling Str. & one off Rotkreukplatz
Place on the corner of Schleißheimerstr. / Theresienstr.
Second Hand Sports: on Nymphenburger Str. (2 doors down from Cinema)
Radl Bauer: Paul Heyse Str. 25 (near Hauptbahnhof)
After making the rounds around the bikeshops, we found a nice used bike the place on the corner of Schleißheimerstr. / Theresienstr.

Bought a used mountain bike with year 2000 DeoreXT/LX componenents, no shock, in great shape for 240 Euros (original retail price around 800)

The Algerian fellow there speaks English, German, and French.

Thanks RuggedyMan !
Can recommend Sport Bittl in Allach (Sbahn S2 towards Dachau)

here´s their link (in German)
Bittl Schuh & Sport

very helpfull staff, good service, but could be a bit pricy.
btw: tomorrow they have a sale from stock

good luck with the search
I also hear that the fundbüro/lost & found do a regular sale of unclaimed bikes
does anybody know when it takes place? Has anybody any experience with

Would be greatful for any help

Kind regards
There is a very good second hand bike shop next door to Cinema Muenchen on Nymphenburger Str. They also have second hand snowboards/ski's/rollerblades etc etc.. I haven't purchased a bike from them myself, but know a few people that have, and the service seems to come recommended.
Aldi (my favourite store!) have aluminium frame mountan bikes on offer from Monday for €199.

See here

Most bike shops will refuse to repair Aldi cheapo bikes. Have heard they are dangerous pieces of kit.
For €199 who cares? This is practically disposable. They are tested to and approved DIN79100 which is pretty stringent, have a full 2 year guarantee and a 10 year guarantee on the frame...

"Dr. Bike" on Schellingstra. ... it's well in your price range and above all, the service is amazing!!

For €199 who cares? This is practically disposable
Unlike the human body!!!
This is more info than you asked for but I'll throw it in for anyone who's in the market. Might as well archive it.

500 Euros should buy you a pretty good bike that you'll want to keep inside. For that price range I'd accept nothing less than Shimano Deore componentry (best to worst: XTR, Saint, Deore XT, Deore LX, Deore, Alivio, Acera, Altus, Tourney). Deore is totally adequate for getting around town and even some fair off-roading. If you really want a bike that you can bring up to the Alps, I'd step up to LX or preferably XT. Stay away from Alivio, Acera, Altus, Tourney - they're crap.

BTW, there are other companies that make components but Shimano is the standard by which all others are judged e.g. people will say a Race Face Turbine is as good as a Shimano XT or whatever...

Disc brakes are popular these days but IMHO unless you're running hydraulics they aren't worth it (they lack the moment arm or rim brakes and thus really need a non-stretchable/compressable transfer - cables stretch). V-Brakes (rim brakes) should do you fine.

Shifting is up to you. Some people like grip shifts, some people like rapid-fire thumb and forefinger shifters. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Oh, you should probably get a 27 sppeed if you can. 3 ring front and 9 ring rears are becoming the standard. If you ever want to upgrade the bike you'll be happy you started with 27 (cuz a 24 to 27 upgrade is REALLY exensive).

Suspension: Front is nearly mandatory, rear is totally worthless unless you take it off-road (and even there it is often a disadvantage on some trails). If you're worried about comfort a suspension seatpost is cheap and WAY lighter than a full suspension setup. Speaking of which: Bike Myth: Aluminum is better. It CAN be, but Aluminum is much stiffer than Steel and as a result the ride can be harsh. If you get an Aluminum bike make certain you get a suspension seatpost. Your ass with thank you.

Anyway, to sum it all up - go look at bikes in your price range and then check out the review at If you can't get a review of the actual bike you should at least be able to find reviews of the components.

FOLLOWUP: I just did a search and it seems that a lot of 500 Euro bikes have Alivio and lesser compnents (my brain still works on MUCH CHEAPER US prices). I say figure out exactly what you want to do with your bike and pick accordingly.

There is a Radsport right by the KVR (across the street from Cafe Blue) by the Poccistr. U-Bahn. I've never been inside but the store is huge and it looks really nice through the window
Also consider Bittl Sport in Allach (, one of largest sports stores in Munich. Should you want to buy it there I can go along with you since I get a 20% discount on their regular priced products.
I bought one of these - 200 yo yos, makes you feel like a teenager again

Check out Radlbauer.
Wal-Mart have cheap bikes which meet the German bike laws, made by Fischer (German-made) and they are pretty good for a town bike, nothing fancy but good, solid stuff. Think you'll be paying more than 50€ though.
Dr Bike sells secondhand one but for silly cash (I live around the corner from the shop, their new bikes are good value but their secondhand stock is very thin and expensive). Radl Bauer has a bigger selection of secondhand as does the place on the Nymphenburgstr.
You could buy a pair of high quality bolt cutters for 100€, and then get all bikes you want.
Lost Bike Auction:

14. April 2004 from 09.00 Hrs

in the inner courtyard of Oetztalerstrasse 17, building at the back.

The next bike auction after this one is probably end of August 2004

Details: Muenchen Fahrrad Versteigerung
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