What do Germans think of Americans today?

Americans need not reply

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An American friend asked me what the Germans think of Americans. Pretty broad question, but maybe we could limit it to your thoughts of American people in particular and not American institutions. First hand experiences would be best. It also might be interesting if you mentioned where in Germany you're from. I'm sure some nerves might be touched, but I would prefer any rebuttals to also be German. Thanks for the insights.
Too bad I'm not allowed to reply, I could have told you what my German co-worker thinks.
Yeah, I could have told you what my German ex-lovers thinks, too.
Yep, and I could tell you what my German husband and our German friends think, but you have limited yourself with the rule of this thread.

good luck getting the info.

*crickets chirping*

[p.s. I'm sure there are plenty of TT Brits just dying to answer your burning question, if you'd like to ask them instead. ]
So let me get this straight: you want answers from only Germans, or from anyone as long as they're not American?

Seems to me that a forum for Germans might have been a more appropriate place for this topic, if the former.
I am a bit surprised by lack of responses from germans since we have a high percentage of them on this english expat web site. Reminds me of the time when I tried to recruite Klan members at the Apollo.
I get the general impression that there are a lot of mixed feelings. A lot of young people get obsessed with New York and the people there. But, being in Berlin, I also get the feeling that Americans are not well-liked, and anything that has affected their "Wohlstand" can be blamed on the Americans, (i.e. the capitalist pigs that they are, leaving humanity to rot all for the price of a bigscreen tv).

People make jokes all the time about Americans (of which Canadians are considered a part, even when you point out that difference... in one ear out the other, though America is taken to mean North America, I have finally accepted), silly accents in German, superficial, and loud.

I try to avoid speaking English in the S-Bahn because I don't wanna be looked at. Unless she's hot.
Yeah....about this....errrr, good luck.
My understanding is that TT is "the English-language community website for Germany" and " communication platform for English-speakers throughout the country" "where English speakers can .regardless of nationality..engage in general banter about anything and everything."

I had hoped there might be a few English speaking Germans in the group willing to voice their opinions. Sarcasm and venting aside, if no German responds, no conclusions can be reached. Let's give it some time and see if any outspoken natives 'engage' in the future.
MBell Jr
Canadians are considered like Americans?
Unless if, for some reason, you speak German with a French accent
Confusion guaranteed!
I think what HS7 means is that to most Germans, Canadians are indistinguishable from their southern neighbors, ostentatious Canuck flags decorating tourist backpacks notwithstanding.
What do Germans think of any nationality. Answer: not much. Get off the big university campuses and a few other enlightened places and they are on the whole a pretty insular, intolerant people.
What do Germans think of any nationality. Answer: not much. Get off the big university campuses and a few other enlightened places and they are on the whole a pretty insular, intolerant people.
My first instinct on reading such a blanket-type comment is to jump to the Germans' defense..

Then, on about 1-3 seconds' reflection, I have to admit - that's about right..
I guess I am allowed to reply, just need some time to think about it. The question is not very specific after all.

I think the overall view on the US is positive, criticism is usually directed on your government. Unless it is lead by Obama. Or Bill. Or Hillary, of course. There are a few more things we think to know about you, that seem strange:

  • Americans love to carry firearms, everywhere. And are shocked if someone dares to use them.
  • Americans seem not very educated. We occasionally get reports about the lack of pointing out Canada or Mexico on a map, something that is no problem for the average fifth-grade German. We know there is a difference between Canada and the USA, btw.
  • Americans get the creeps when seeing naked flesh on TV, but have no problems showing extreme violence to there under-age kids.
  • Americans are obsessed to find their European ancestors, even from five or six generations back. And are disappointed if we don't remember our Great-Great-Great-Grandfather.
  • Americans think they have seen Germany, when they were in Bavaria and the Black Forest. I wonder if you are shocked if you go somewhere in Germany and there is no Oktoberfest and no people in weird leather pants.
  • Americans are over-sensitive to past sins of their politicians, like not inhaling certains stuff in ones youth. We even had a foreign minister that was fighting our government in his youth. And who knows what he was smoking in his time.

The view may differ in different parts of the country, and in different social groups. Most students will have a more political view, which will result in a more negative impression, but most don't care. Just keep those TV series coming, and we are happy with you
The best parts of American culture are:

The founding fathers and the constitution writers (english)

the music (mobo)

The media and academia (Jewish)

The cuisine (italian and latino)

17% of Americans are said to be of german origin. Maybe their the problem.
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