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Hi, everyone

We are moving to Stuttgart area soon. Due my job situation I had to commute north to the Berlin area. Does anyone know if DOD civilian's LQA housing allowance can be used for dual household- one in Stuttgart and one out of the commuting area?
Only if each spouse is collecting a separate LQA can you use LQA for 2 different locations. This is because you would each be submitting for reimbursement under different contracts. You can't split a single LQA.
Thank you very much for your input, smokeyalien.

My spouse is actually a GS not a DOD contractor, will it make a difference?
Yes it makes a difference. The government will reimburse up to the maximum amount of your LQA for only 1 domicile (1 house). They will only pay that 1 bill. If you are a contractor then usually your company simply pays you a flat rate and you can spend it any way you want. If you were a contractor anddid not have to turn in receipts then you could split the housing money any way you want to. Since you said the spouse is GS then the answer is no, you can not get the US government to pay for both rentals even if combined they are less than the total LQA allowed for your spouse.
smokeyalien. Thank you for your comments and thank people on TT who took their time answering our question.

smokeyalien, do you happen to know if government LQA is restricted to local commuting area as we are considering live up north in the Berlin area.

Thanks again

You don't have a local commuting restriction on GS LQA except for it needing to be the same country (Germany in this case) that you are posted in. That will be a heck of a daily commute though.
I am very grateful for everyone's input. It will be great if we can have one primary residence ( up north) and one of us commute on the weekends as we have a little one who need some stability in terms of daycare.

Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum, so I hope I am doing this right. My unit recently moved to a new location, about 65 miles away. All employees were offered their current jobs and also received a stipen to help those that wanted to move to the new area. For those that chose not to move, nothing was offered. I had recently learned that a loca hire NAF employee was in the same situation, where their unit moved to a new location about the same distance. This person was a local hire and after the unit moved, was given LQA. My understanding was that if you are hired as a local, you will never receive LQA overseas. Does anyone know if there is a loop hole in the system that entitles a local hire to receive LQA in the event of a unit move.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
yes; however it's not a loop hole. In accordance with the DSSR, the local hire can receive LQA when it is a "hard to fill position", otherwise the employee must have resided stateside for one year prior to being eligible for LQA. Important though, as I know of no hard to fill positions within NAF. What grade is the NAF employee? There is a USAREUR reg and the DSSR which are not long to read in regards to LQA. Might want to brush up on both.

One important thing in mind in regards to LQA that lots of folks (especially prior service members) seem to forget or not aware of: LQA covers the cost of renting where the employee resides and not the family members (opposite of BAH/BAQ). Example: Family in München at 1,200 Euros rent and employee in Wiesbaden at 400 Euros rent. Don't try to claim München.

As you seem to be familiar with the LQA regs, perhaps you can answer a related question. If an active duty military person retires here, must he/she begin a civilian job the first official day of having retired status in order to be eligible for LQA? I did a few searches here, didn't find anything. I've heard that such a retiring person would have 1 year to get a civilian job and qualify for LQA, but also that there cannot be any time between active-duty and civilian service. I'm trying to avoid local-hire status. Thanks for any tips.
If you get hired Air LQA unless hard to fill....If you get hired Army than a possibility of getting LQA if hired as GS9 or above locally. Yes you have 1 year from thew time you officailly retire to get hired in that GS9 position or above that may qualify you for LQA.
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