Visa requirements for visiting Brazil

Do German passport holders need one?

Tim Hortons Man
been searching the web and can't seem to find anything spefic to German passports. Canadians and Americans require a visa to travel to Brasil for business reasons but I can't find any information regarding those traveling for business on a German Passport.

Anyboby flown to Brasil on a German passport for business?

Malcolm Spudbury
Brazilian consulate in Germany - Visa page

Gemäß den zwischen Brasilien und Deutschland geschlossenen Abkommen benötigen deutsche Staatsbürger kein Visum für Brasilienbesuche, wenn sie das Land als Touristen, Journalisten, die keine Dreharbeiten durchführen, Studenten, Geschäftsreisende, unbezahlte Teilnehmer kultureller Veranstaltungen, Praktikanten, Wissenschaftler oder Forscher bereisen und die Aufenthaltsdauer 90 Tage nicht überschreitet.
I flew on a UK passport for business back in March and I required no Visa, just some form filling on the plane, and German passports are normally the same (not always!).

My company has an office in Brazil and many of my colleagues travel between the two places and no visas are needed for Germans visiting Brazil or Brazilians visiting Germany.
Tim Hortons Man
Thanks, the Wife checked the Brazilian embassy German page and no visa required. Strangely enough Canadians and Americans need one.
If you stop over in another South American country you might be required to have the yellow fever vaccination when you enter Brazil, if you fly directly it is not required.
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