How to find a flight with extended stopover time

As cheap as possible

Hi guys, I need to travel from Belgrade->Amsterdam & back in August, and I found a nicely priced flight with a one-night stopover in Prague - the flight is over

Now I see there is a regular connection Prague-Belgrade at the same time every day, and I thought it would be nice to extend the lag to one full day and then fly back. Does anybody have idea how to find such a flight?

I checked out Chech airlines directly, but the tickets on their web site are much more expensive & they also do not show such an option in the menu. Any ideas? I'd love to see Prague!!! (Quick answers appreciated!)
If you are looking for fast answers you might try posting in the travel section at yahoo answers.
thanks for the hint!
p.s. anybody knows a good & cheap place to stay in Prag (center/on the way to the airport)?
pension/hostel/cheap hotel preferred
To extend a stopover through Expedia, click on "Multiple destinations" and go from there. I would also recommend trying I've booked tickets through Kayak for Munich-Bangkok in September, and the price including a 2 night stopover in Dubai was the same as a normal return ( 387€ when I booked a few weeks ago, considerably more now).

Hope this tip is not too late.
hey great, I found it, and it worked out quite well! It was a bit more expensive, but spending one afternoon in Prag should be worth it
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