Erotic massage with oils - Munich

No sex. Any advice or recommendations?

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I am looking for an erotic massage in Munich, but not really sex. Just a good oil massage with erotic elements in it, preferably private.

Can anyone advise ?
Hasn't this thread been done before? Do a search.
Owain Glyndwr
yes but the thread seems to have disappeared. just did a search to try and link it but got nowhere.
Preferably private? As opposed to having it in the middle of the English Garden??
Beg Tets
'Erotic elements'?

You mean a hand/blow job? Try Schillerstra├če.
Appears some of the Misc threads are deleted after a little time. So guess that's where the old one has gone, as I found out with my Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy thread !
topics in misc get deleted after 10 days, apparently

2.5 Topics in Misc and Random are removed after 10 days of inactivity. These are topics have no lasting interest and no relevance to Munich.
Hope its not like an existing member just created a new handle just for this post.
took a blinder of a lass home the other night, who did that plus more - all it cost was the price of three caipi's at sausalitos.

can give you her number if you want...
3 Lions
took a blinder of a lass home the other night
@mightypies - Wasnt that the one with the unusually large adams apple?
@3 Lions very funny! as if!

...yes it was.
More tea, Vicar?
This one's got "wind-up" written all over it.

Love to know what a not really sex but "erotic elements" massage means.

If it is a serious request then I'm sorry, haven't got a clue.

Know a good shop in Au with not really sexy videos, but ones with erotic elements in them.

That usually helps the currently-single men amongst us.
@ mightypies:

That girl with the adams apple must've been drunk or horny as hell, lookin for love in all the wrong places. As a woman on the prowl, you ought to set some standards & know your worth - damn, how white trash of you to offer her number to some other cheap bastard! Hey, whats a blinder - ugly or gorgeous?
More tea, Vicar?
"Blinder" means exceedingly good (at something).

Kinda poses more questions than it answers, doesn't it?
Owain Glyndwr
Love to know what a not really sex but "erotic elements" massage means.
not that i know about these things, but maybe Tantric?
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