Two IKEA stores in Munich

North at Eching and south at Brunnthal

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Hi All,

I am moving to Grasbrunn for..which is about 20 km South East of Munich..and need some cheap furniture. I saw a couple of postings about Ikea stores. Could someone give me directions to how to get there?

pootle has all the directions...

As for how busy they get I have no idea

The Ikea website doesn't help too much unless you happen to know that the two "Munich" stores are actually in Eching (just North of Munich) and Brunnthal (just South of Munich)

Here's the map for Eching:

Attached image
...and here's the map for Brunnthal:

Apparently this store is absolutely heaving on a Saturday.

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Does anyone know if Ikea will deliver and approximately how much it will cost extra? I live in the Augsburg area.

3. Lieferung: Wir liefern an jede Adresse in Deutschland. Wir versenden per Spedition oder per Post. Die Lieferzeit beträgt ca. 2 Wochen; bei Sofas, die für Sie bezogen werden, ca. 4 Wochen. Die Versandkosten betragen mindestens €12.- bei einem Warenwert bis €100.-. Darüber hinaus bei mehr als €100.- Warenwert, 12 % jedoch nicht mehr als €100.-.
That's what the website says - so yes, with a flat rate of 12Teuros, going up to 12% of the value of the goods being delivered, but capped at 100Teuros. There may be other bits on the site about it - it may be cheaper if u go into the store and arrange it there, as I suspect this is for online shopping...I dunno though.
Ikea delivers, but it's probably cheaper to have a friend drive and to buy them beer as a thank-you.
the question is more: do they give you a reasonable manual next to their low prices?
Out of my experience: NOPE
I´m affraid to buy some beer as a thank-you wont be not enough though, if they assist you with assambling, too.
I bought a whole loada stuff from Ikea and it was not too bad, but some stuff did need a little thought behind it. Just don't drink the beer before reading the instructions. And yes, usually you do need two people to put this stuff together !
@ Liane: You'll get a manual with pictures. It's not perfect but it provides you with the most important information. If you need help, just organize an Ikea-party. That's what I did as a student. All my friends came over and help putting the furniture together.
good point Karen, but what would you do if some part just vanished cryptically, let´s say some screws and nuts and you do not have a DIY shop at home?
Fix it all with superglue?
I furnished most of my apartment from Ikea. The stuff is easy to put together and doesn't require a particularly large brain pan. Granted some of the stuff is easier if there are 2 sets of hands working on it, but it's really straightforward stuff so long as you follow the clear, set-by-step instructions.

By and large you get everything you need in the pack. Having said that, for a lot of the goods you'll need to have a Philips-head screw-driver which you can pick up in absolutely any hardware store. Also, for bigger items such as wardrobes it never hurts to have a hammer handy for uncooperative joints. Put a blanket (or the packaging) down on the floor to protect the parts and away you go.

If parts are missing or damaged then you can simply return the goods and get a replacement. If they delivered it then they will pick it up again, otherwise you have to go back to the shop.
if the screws/allen key are/is missing you can phone up the store and they will post them to you. Yes even in Germany because I've had to do this.
Keydeck is right, put a blanket down as protection and you should have no problems.
i need to buy a new wardrobe and i looked to Ikea, seems they're getting a bit pricey. i mean for stuff you have to put together yourself! or is this just my imagination?
is it possible to get to IKEA on the train? I am new here and desperately need to get some bedding...thought ikea would be the best bet...but i do not have a car...
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