Evening primrose oil in German

Update: It's called Nachtkerzenöl

Matt Potter
I need to buy some more evening primrose oil and don't know what it is auf Deutsch ...
Nachtkerzenöl (Courtesy of Leo)
Matt Potter
Just out of curiosity, did you end up finding it? I am now searching for it, and I also first checked out Leo, but when I mentioned it to my (German) friend, he had never heard of it. So is it actually called this??
try google.
Yes, evening primrose oil is called Nachtkerzenöl in Germany. However, it doesn't surprise me that you haven't been able to find it, or that your German friend hasn't heard of it. The natural medicine market here seems to be extremely limited compared to what it is in Australia or the US. You actually can find Nachtkerzenöl in some supermarkets and chemists here, but it seems to be really expensive.

I looked around a lot and the best option I could find is www.iherb.com. The prices are good and they have a huge range of vitamins, minerals and herbs. They also offer shipping all the way to Germany for only $4 if your parcel is under a certain weight. Unfortunately the shipping is not trackable, so there is a risk, but I've used them a few times so far with no problems. The parcel will be delivered by your regular postman. It takes a while -- they give an estimate of 10 days to Germany but it's been closer to 2 weeks for me.

By the way, I think that if your order is less than 22 euros (which at the time of writing is just under $30) then you shouldn't need to pay customs fees on your parcel. If it's over that amount, then I think you'll probably need to pay something. And I think you also need to include the shipping cost in that amount. If you don't know the details about this then I suggest you find out for sure before you order, because I think you pay the fees on the entire amount, not just the bit that's over the threshold. Plus it delays your order if it's sitting at customs. Plus if customs is looking at it in detail then they might decide that you shouldn't be allowed to have whatever you've ordered. (I'd assume EPO would be fine, since they do sell it here, but other things such as herbs or adrenal support supplements might be a different issue.) Anyway, I keep my orders below 20 euros and the post office stamps something on each box to say that it doesn't need to go through customs.

P.S. If you use the referral code FEP311, you'll get $5 off your first order.
I've bought it in Reformhaus.They always carry the stuff but yes a bit expensive.
Just in case anyone else is looking... I order seven seas epo from uk ebay. Very good price and low postage. Amazon won't ship to Germany.
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