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My husband and I will be moving to Stuttgart in August. We have found out that there is no room for us to stay in on post lodging so the Army has given us a per diem of $216 a night to find a place of post. We have looked at a few but we do not know anything about Germany so we have no idea what hotels are good or bad.
We are looking for a place near Patch Barracks that is a reasonable price no higher than our per diem. I have done many searches but I was hoping someone on here had some opinions about certian places:)
We are hoping we can get on post housing soon so we dont have to live in a hotel and pay tons of money.
Any ideas are much appreciated. Thanks!

I've stayed in both of these and they are really nice:

Mercure Hotel Fontana Stuttgart
Mo.hotel Stuttgart

Both are convenient to Patch and I believe both have military rates. The mo.hotel is located at the Vaihingen mall and the Mercure is a block or two away at the S-bahn stop. Can't really go wrong with either one in my opinion. Both of these places have a lot of activity since they are in the middle of Vaihingen. If you want something in a more peaceful neighborhood, you might try Hotel Neotel. I stay at the Neotel every month for my reserve duty weekend and it is nice as well but there really is not much shopping, restaurants in walking distance. However, it is very close to the S-bahn as well.

Good Luck,

Here are the websites.
The Fontana

The mo.hotel

They both should be in your price range and easy walking distance from both to your husband's work. Which helps if do not rent a car.
Our sponsor has us booked here. Stuttgart Marriott Hotel Sindelfingen, its 139 Euro's a night, but a min. of 15 day stay otherwise add another 40 euro per day.

I am not sure where its located, but it provides a lot of stuff, here is the info we got on it.


Thank you very much for your kind telephone call from today and the interest expressed in the Stuttgart Marriott Hotel Sindelfingen.

We are pleased to confirm your reservation as follows:

1 double room at the rate of 139.00 Euro
for 15 nights
booked for Mr. XXXXXXX
Confirmation No.: XXXXXXXX

The above mentioned room rate applies per room and night and excludes VAT and service charges. The PCS package includes our American breakfast buffet, free parking, free Internet access, 15% discount on Food & Beverages and access to our family lounge with complimentary beverages & snacks.

In case the applicable taxes will be changed by the German government, the hotel reserves the right to adjust the rates accordingly.

The room reservation is held until 4pm day of arrival. If you would like to guarantee the reservation for late arrival, please forward us your credit card number with expiration date as a guarantee.

The special conditions of this package only apply to a length of stay of 14 days minimum.
Should your have to shorten your stay to less than 14 days while staying with us there will be an additional charge of EUR 39,00 net (excl. VAT) for every prior day.

We would like to thank you for making the Stuttgart Marriott Hotel Sindelfingen the hotel of your choice and we are looking forward to welcoming Mr. Burkett soon.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Stephanie Erpenbach | Reservations Trainee
Stuttgart Marriott Hotel Sindelfingen | Mahdentalstrasse 68 | 70165 Sindelfingen, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)7031 696-878 | Fax: +49 (0)7031-696-880
E-Mail: <> | Internet: <>;
STEAKHOUSE - Rare, Medium and Well Done! <>;
Also is your per diem above in dollars or euros?

If you use Google you might see that the Marriott Sindelfingen there is a map for where the hotel is located and it is near the bases in Stuttgart.
Thank ya'll. I have looked at all of those and I am still deciding haha. Our sponsor mentioned a Millennium Hotel..Anyone know anything about that??
I guess I am just worried since we have to pay and then get reimbursed by the Army a month later. I really appreciate all of your help!!
We stayed in the Marriott for 2 months. You get points for free stays in the future so that's a bonus. We used our points to stay in hotels in many different countries. It's get really old staying in there though, restaurants are a good 15 min. walk, but is no. 84 and takes you close to Patch gate and a 10 min. walk to stuff on the base. It's a really nice hotel though, great staff. Free beer and wine w/ app's at night. And you're gonna get a car when you arrive right? Then you don't have to be that close. Anyway nothing is very close.

If you want to save some money try this place
And it has a kitchen, you will get really tired of eating out. And it's in the middle of Boblingen. This is a good option when you get sick of the Marrriott and have a car.

Try to get a place with a kitchenette, worth it.
It will be a total of 4 of us, but I can't tell if on the website if the double is 2 twin beds or 2 full beds. Do you know off hand? We are hoping to buy a car as soon as we get there...I would be all for staying somewhere with a kitchenette. I actually need to find out if it at least has a mini fridge for my kids milk addiction.
The Millennium Hotel is part of the SI-Centrum, a nice lodging/entertainment/dining out complex located around Plieninger Strasse 100, Stuttgart, This is not terribly far from Kelley Barracks, but a good distance from Patch - car required, or public transport. If you want to stay in this area, a better bet for a family longer-term would probably be the SI-Suites in the same complex. They have suites with kitchenettes.

The Marriott is not in Stuttgart but in Sindelfingen, not far from the Breuningerland shopping mall. Car necessary to reach any US base, or public transport.
We stayed at the Vaihinger Hof for six weeks when we moved to Stuttgart. It's not the cleanest hotel I've ever seen, but the staff is great, especially if you're coming with dogs or cats. Better yet, the hotel is within walking distance to Patch. The rooms have mini-fridges and breakfast is included.
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