Benihana restaurant equivalents in Munich

Places that offer Japanese and fusion cuisine

I guess this is wishful thinking but I was told about a year ago that there was an equiv. of this type of restaurant here in Munich . Does anybody know? For those of you who might not be quite sure what I'm talking about ... it's a Japanese chain in the Us where the chef comes out and cooks the food on a flat stove in front of you

if there isn't ... does anybody know of a Japanese rest. that has the tatami floor with the low table ... have no idea how to spell it but it sounds like ... O-sech-ka ...

fingers crossed...

You mean a place that does Teppanyaki?
Try Toshi. Pricey, though. Or one of the Mangostin ones?

If you wanted cheaper, not Japanese, but that kind of hot plate stir fry in a chain restaurant: Mongos
All of Katrina's restaurants sound good, and I just wanted to add:

Tenmaya near the TU in Maxvorstadt has the kind of room you are talking about:

If you are looking for a Japanese restaurant serving interesting food that isn't sushi, there are 2 also located in Maxvorstadt. They do Kushiage-, and are both run by Japanese. I think both of them have bars that you can sit at that are close to the cooking area.
- Kushiage Enn/ Barer Str. 65-
- Tokyo Steakhouse/ corner of Schellingstr. and Aricsstr.

I don't know if there would be very much of a market for Benihana in Germany, as it's American fusion food, and Germans seem to have their own sometimes bizarre take on Japanese/Asian food.
Had a couple of good meals at Benihana in Broomfield / Colorado... As long as someone else is paying

The picture on my manager's face[sup]*[/sup] when his Chateaubriand steak was cut into small pieces by the chef was sadly not captured on camera...

*He's Belgian & loves is steak rare.
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