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Test your aptitude with the German language

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The Goethe Institut has this online test.

Having completed it and ascertained that I am at level B2 which is slightly above ZD level what do other TTers have?
am a C2

but then I got a degree in German, so I should be a C2, really.
They say I should take B2, but I'm pretty sure I would be bored with that level. Grammatically I'm behind, but not in fluency.
Owain Glyndwr
how do the rankings go? I got C2 as well Topsy, but that doesn't sound very good to me? I was expecting an "A".
You have answered 30 out of 30 questions correctly.

We recommend that you book a course on the level C2. what they said to me. So I guess C2 is the best, dunno.

EDIT: found this link on the page, explains the levels
Got B1 which makes me fairly happy since technically I am taking classes at A2 just now. Must have been some good guesses on my part
hahahahaha, you know its bad when you try to change the beispeil cause you think its wrong. I think I'll go back under my rock.
got A2..but it was hard ..oh yes i do suck in grammer in general ...but one of my deutsche friend told this test is damn hard for germans 2..
well done, i only got C1.

You have answered 25 out of 30 questions correctly.

We recommend that you book a course on the level C1.

So much for having a degree in the thing :S can't even do basic grammar questions correctly!
I got a B1 also...guessed a lot though.
I got a C1 which if German degree holder Topsy got a C2 can't be bad!

I THINK I fall down in German on my der die and dass s dem s and den s rahter than using the real words wrongly.

Anyone know how hard the language hurdles are for German citizenship?
Don't know how you should rate this exam. I chose the last possible answer on each question and I earned 10 out of 30. When I tried it with more than just chance I received a rating of B2.
Brokenm makes a valid point. It's a very superficial placement test, too short to be comprehensive.
I picked the first answer in all questions and was recommended to join A2 courses. Wow...looks like A1 is not really necessary . Duh...looks like I have just wasted 3 months doing A1
You have answered 7 out of 30 questions correctly.

We recommend that you book a course on the level A2.
Does that make me stupid?

edit: Even Nomaden234 got the same as me and he guessed them all!
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