Discos and pubs in Darmstadt

Recommended places to hang out

I wonder if anybody can suggest me good discos, pubs in Darmstadt.
I can't recommend as such - last person to, don't drink alcohol and not a late night person - but I can tell you some to start it off that people who like a drink might recommend round here. There seem to be the two types - the more heavy duty pubs (often more beer focussed, often but not always frequented by older people drowning their sorrows from what I've seen) and bars (wider range of alcohol and often a wide food menu). Beers focussed: Braustüb'l (Darmstadt brewery), Ratskeller (has own brewery), An Sibin, Sitte (Pfüngstadter), Grohe. Bars: Weststadt (my friends all seem to love this place, but not my cup of tea), Chaos (versatile, almost everyone of a certain type goes there sometime), Aussie Bar (not an "ex-pat" place).

There is no shortage of places to eat and drink here. So suck it and see. Try a few and find one that suits. They are all quite close together.

Can't tell you a thing about discos except they seem to attract older people than you might expect if the people I know who go to them are a reflection (but then the average age here is quite high and a lot of people are single)!
If you are interested to go to a disco in Darmstadt, try A5. Its a very good place to enjoy. Many years ago i used to go there often. Now i really don't go to discos at all. Just try that you will like it. Some information about it: http://rhein-main.gimy.de/regio/clubs/info...armstadt/87.htm
@swimmer : I have been to Aussie bar near Rheine-Neckar straße - good one. But don't know where Chaos is.
@shakespeare_ffm - yes I know A5 - thats Music Park, really good place.

However I heard that there are some good bars/discos on Kasino straße, is that true?
Chaos is by the Jugendstilbäder (Mühlstraße 36). No idea about Kasinostraße.
I found a good website while searching, adding it here for anyone looking for same : http://www.darmstadtnacht.de/
Beers focussed: Braustüb'l (Darmstadt brewery) Shite beer better off trying for a Pfungstädter pub. They also have a second pub in town, Ratskeller (has own brewery) also shite beer but you can make a good evening of it by ordering a barrel and serving yourself. Rather touristy during the summer, An Sibin used to be good when it opened and then got overrun by septics and the prices went up. Went there a while ago and the prices seem back to normal and was a bit more atmosphere. Rather large as it used to be a Kegelbahn, Sitte (Pfüngstadter) restaurant, Grohe owned by the Darmstädter brewery. Go there now and again but it tends to be an oldies pub. Drinking lots of the beer will give you a hangover. Bars: Weststadt (my friends all seem to love this place, but not my cup of tea) posers, Chaos (versatile, almost everyone of a certain type goes there sometime), Aussie Bar (not an "ex-pat" place) went once, never again.
Just my opinions...

Zum Landgrafen used to be the in place for Brits but has gone downhill but you can still get a good beer there. Whenever I go in with my friends the landlord always puts good music on (he used to be an old hippy and you can see a picture of him when he had hair - he's bald as a coot now

KupferKessel - good beer, Apfelwein from the Odenwald, food from Metger in the Odenwald, speciality is homemade Tequilas of different flavours (i.e. Mocha or Chili) Always shows the boxing. Rather a mixed crowd, used to be a hang-out for bikers but has changed a lot recently. Not for everyone

Green Sheep - Reasonably good beers, food ain't bad either. Live music and a rather good selection of whiskeys

Riwwelmaddes - excellent food, Guinness is very good, other beers not so good, older crowd

If you want to pick up women (not girls) then try Caribe. This used to be a disco called Hippos and they've started doing revival nights for old times sake so the crowd is older and a bit looser (mind you the disco in the Krone is always good for a laugh.)

If you really want, you can easily drink in Darmstadt 24/7 you just need to know the pubs (i.e Hercules)
The latest "Vorhang" (Darmstadt's free culture / leisure magazine) has several pages of "Biergartens" - including a lot of the pubs but also a lot of restaurants / cafes that happen to have outdoor space.

The last poster's right, hardly a shortage of drinking / eating places here .
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