Electronics engineering courses in Germany

Help and advice on choosing a university

Hello friends,

I am an electronics and communication engineer from india, I got admission in the following German universities:

1)M.Sc. Microsystem Engineering @ University Freiburg
2)M.Sc. Automation & Robotics @ TU Dortmund

Guys i am to much confused in choosing the right course for me. I want to know the reputation and recognition of both the universities in the industries. And which course is better as per the job market of the germany???
I assume the Microsystems course focuses on CMOS processes and MEMS. If thats the case, have a look at how the industry is developing. It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to fund research into newer technologies especially in the digital side. Core technology development in Europe has gone with the fall of a Memory manufacturer earlier this year.
Another factor that needs to be considered is whether the physical limits of CMOS technology are being reached. What lies beyond the 32nm node is anyone's guess. The massive investment in Lithographic tools is enough for most companies to go fabless. I guess only Intel, AMD have the pockets to pursue this line further.

However, if you intend to go into Analog/MEMs side , it is probably a safer bet.
But the industry in general is really on the brink.

The best thing IMO is to ask yourself what you like the most and what you would like yourself to be doing in a few years time. Do your own research on those lines and also evaluate the job opportunities.
EETimes magazoine can be a place to start.
today also get admit from H Darmstadt in Electrical engineering.
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