Theatre and acting classes in Munich

Places that offer these for amateurs


I wondered if anyone knew of any theatre or acting classes here in munich for amateurs, just for fun. I don't care if it's in german or english...


If there were, I'd be interested, too :-)
Entity Theatre hold workshops when they're not rehearsing / putting on plays. They also have Equus running at the moment which has some rave reviews from Toytowners (last two performances tonight and tomorrow).
Entity Theatre
Thanks for the promo, crusoe

Entity does indeed run workshops, which will be starting again during the summer - after we've all gotten Equus out of our system! Keep an eye on our website for more information:
Workshops are open to anyone with a good command of English and we are always pleased to welcome new faces

If you're interested in seeing what we do, some tickets are still available for our final performance of Equus on Saturday at Teamtheater Tankstelle. Tickets available directly from the theatre by calling 089 260 4333.
I've been looking for english theatregroups, too, but didn'd find anything. (actually I found Toytown during that search instead )

But I played in two german theatres:
the youth group of Kammerspiele (max age is 20), which is more experimental theatre and mostly big groups of 30 or more teens.

And Festspielhaus (max. age is 25 I think). I personally would recomand this one because it's a great atmosphere and they really try to teach you something. And the best about it: they have an english play almost every summer, that will be performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! So taking part automatically takes you on a trip to Ed. Fringe!
That was a great experience and lot of fun

Hope I could help
Entity Theatre
Entity is starting summer workshops this coming Tuesday, June 9 in Karlstrasse 44 (U-Bahn: Königsplatz).

Workshops start at 19:30 and run until 22:00 and are open to anyone with a good command of the English language.

See our website or e-mail for more information!
"Absenth thee from felicity awhile."" (WS). I am willing to give you some private coaching....If you are interested. My email address is as follows:

Damian Gerard Coyle.
BA Theatre Studies, University of Ulster-N. Ireland 1999, MA Acting-New Actors Workshop-Antioch University. 2006. As a trained actor, I studied with Mike Nichols, George Morison and Paul Sills in New york. I am here in Munich until the end of December'10, working-directing a short movie.

Look forward to hearing from you.
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