Dangerous areas of Munich

Which districts to avoid

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So what parts of town do you avoid?

Dark alleys and lanes at night is common sense but are there areas and places you definitely avoid and do not go near, day or night, city centre or suburbs?

Perceived or real dangers, horror stories, personal experiences or what you heard from a mate - what do you know?
You will never ever find me in the Kultfabrik. Because it's shit.
I can't think of a serious answer to this question.
There's a reaon so many here call this place "Toytown". We have no ghettos and most crime is committed by the politicians.

The police are so bored they stop people for driving with too much snow on their cars. They stop cyclists for running red lights at empty intersections. They hang out all the time at the Hauptbahnhof.

What this place needs is a really good crime wave. The police will have smoething to do, the politicians can all start campaigning about how to make us safe and the newspapers will increase readership. Everybody wins!

/me pulls the sombrero back over his eyes and returns to what he was doing before...
Dangerous places in Munich? Please!!!

Well, OK, apparently it is dangerous to be a fabulously weathly, ecentric and famous homosexual, who likes to roam the city looking for male prostitutes, and then not pay them...

so, you should avoid taking your Rolls-Royce to Haubtbahnhof late at night to pick-up male prostitutes. I know I do.
Certain parts of Neu Perlach. Can be quite dangerous at night around there.
Things do happen here and there are parts of town I don't like to visit at night, and do not ride the U-Bahn to at night. I have been harrassed and followed home in Sendling and parts of Schwabing. In both areas an asylm home was just one or two stops past where I was going, and it wasn't German men grabbing my arm. So now when I go out I make sure I have a bit of taxi money with me just in case I have a drink too many to feel comfortable on the U-bahn. (Though as time goes on things like that happen less and less ).
@ DDBug - I live next door to an asylum seekers home.
I certainly don't find it any more dangerous than anywhere else.
I don't know how it slipped my mind. There actually are two dangerous places.

The first is only occasionally at a corner of Marienplatz, to the right and just in front of the church as you face the Glockenspiel. The second and continuous danger is in Schwabing on Beichstrasse. Here you'll find the Scientology cultists.

actually i was part of a group which was accosted twice on tengstr., one block south of the TwiBav, heading towards Josephsplatz U-Bahn. Okay, it was an obviuous crazy man goose-stepping and zig-zagging and chatting to himself. unfortunately his goose step turned into a half round-house kick aimed for the head and he he tried to grab her arm. this hasn't happened in awhile, but it happened twice by the same guy.
I also live opposite an Asylantenheim and have no problems so agree with Topsy. However, I did once get accosted by a couple of drunks in the Arnulfstra├če - they were ridiculing my car (one borrowed from the car dealer with stome stupid advertising slogans on it). I leapt into my car with my friend and drove away quickly. I then got summonsed by the police who only saw that I did not stop at the little green man to let these idiots cross in front of my car. How come they saw that, yet didn't come and help me get past those types? My friend had to go and make a statement as a witness that I had been harrassed otherwise I would have got a fine!!! I am now careful around the Hauptbahnhof in the evenings.

But seriously the people who hastle me the most are the police - I get stopped nearly every night I drive home after twelve because I happen to live on one of their favourite intersections. There are more policemen than dogs in Munich - every time I look in my car mirror I see one.
Shamrock (drunk bricklayers). Nachtgalerie (drunk kiddies). M├╝nchner Freiheit at 3am (drunk Neo-Nazis). Landsbergstr. late at night (drunk people looking for clubs or other kinds of evening entertainment *cough*)
So anywhere not in Neuhausen really because our drunks are nicer (and via TTM I know most of them)
Even the "dodgy" areas are a picnic compared to Britain!
Dangerous areas of Munich?

I take it this question is a piss take?
There's a reaon so many here call this place "Toytown". We have no ghettos and most crime is committed by the politicians.

The police are so bored they stop people for driving with too much snow on their cars.
A few days after the 1st "cops stopping snow covered cars" thread, the TZ and
a short story on the front page of some guy they pulled over who had like 6in
if snow covering his car, execpt for the 8in circle he cleared on the windshield
to see.. The pic show a car that looks more like a rolling snowball...

So yes, I'm glad they stop these SOB's who could cause a lot more problems to
other people.
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