Online computer shops in the Netherlands

For buying a laptop with a U.S. keyboard

Does any of you know of an online computer shop in the Netherlands? I'd like to buy an Eee PC 1000 HE, but they only ship with German keyboards here. So much for Thomas Friedman and his books. I learned in my quest for a US keyboard that these are routinely shipped in the Netherlands, but I can't seem to find an online store that would ship them.

Thanks for your help!
Bump... Anyone?
Malcolm Spudbury
Where's funf when you need her...
Logitech ship out of NL. They have all models in just about all layouts.. Check their webstore
When you click on whichever model/combo you want don't forget to pick the layout...
Thanks, guys, I found some price comparison site that links to the online stores here. Can't even remember what was the lucky search...
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