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Choosing which area or neighbourhood to live in

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My husband and I arrive in the summer with our toddler and will need accommodation somewhere between Munich and Starnberg where my husband will be working.

Where is the best/safest/most accesible place to live? I feel we want to be on the outskirts of Munich rather than towards Starnberg, but really have no idea!

Which areas are great to live in, in south/south west Munich?

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I think this whole area in beautiful Oberbayern is a safe and comfortable place to live with a baby.

If your husbands working in Starnberg, whats wrong with living directly there? Why do you want to be more towards the outskirts of Munich?

Some things to keep in mind. Munich is expensive, and usually the towns around it (like Starnberg) tend to be cheaper. I believe however Starnberg is one of the exceptions in that it is also expensive, a lot of rich people live there and go into Munich each day.

But its really close to Munich to practically be a suburb, you wont have too many problems travelling between the 2.

Also, it can be hard and take a while to find accommodation in these parts, so if you need a place for summer, its never too early to start looking for a place. Do you have someone here who can help you look for places?

Have you considered any of the other towns in the area? They might well be cheaper than Munich and Starnberg.

Theres some really nice little towns and villages slightly further towards the mountains, and you would still be only 15 mins from Starnberg and 30 mins from Munich.

I would have to agree, Starnberg is a really beautiful place, but is a little quiet, so it really does depend what you want.

If you like the quiet life, then would recommend Starnberg, in the summer, its lovely to sit in the cafe's around the Starnberger See, (Starnberg Lake), relax and drift away.

Munich there is more to do, but could take some time travelling in the mornings. Starnberg is a little isolated.

Agree to some degree, Solln and Pullach are nice and they are just on the outskirts of Munich city.
We'll live almost anywhere but I want access to things for our daughter like baby groups etc. It doesn't have to be Munich or Starnberg - it can be anywhere in between.

Towards the mountains is a possibility but I don't want to feel too isolated from people/places. It's highly likely I won't have a car...
The suburban train that goes to Stanberg is the S6. Along the S6 are several lovely satellite communities. A good choice would be Planegg. It's still within the inner tarif zone of Munich, has enough industry and shops to keep you happy on a day to day basis and is only a 20 minute train ride into town. Alternatively, it's only a 15 minute ride down to Starnberg. And Kza is right, anywhere is safe to live with a baby.
I an only repeat what the others have already said: Solln sounds like it would be ideal. I babysit for a number of english families there, and I know that they all go to english speaking baby groups too...
PBB is in german but you might get used to looking at stuff in german if you are going to be living here.
There are also some international/bilingual/english preschools (kindergartens) in the area. Discussed here (dead link removed by admin).
Kathie/anyone that knows!

You mentioned in a previous message to someone else an English speaking preschool in Pullach - do you know its name/number etc.

Thank you!
The address is Schwanthalerstra├če 1 in Pullach and the telephone number is 793 12 166. That's a Munich number, so the dialling code is 089.
Hope this helps!
Thank you Kathie - I'm getting really excited at the thought of living in Munich and with all the information people have given me, I feel ready!

Vicki x
Yup, there's a Schwantalerstr in Pullach too... Pullach doesn't really count as Munich anymore (officially, although there are places further away from the centre which do!) - the postcode is 82049. If you go to and type in the postcode, Pullach and Schwantalerstr at the top, you can see where it is!!
Hello! I am an American living in England. My husband may be transferred to Munich so I have a question:

Where is the best place to live if we are youngish parents with one small child?

I would prefer to be in the city but which neighbourhoods should we look at? Do I need to consider pre-schools/kindergarten in our decision (our girl is almost 3 and is in preschool in the UK currently).

Thanks for any or all replies!!
Children start Kindergarten at the age of 3 over here... when are you looking to move? If you wanted to get your daughter a place in a Kindergarten, for September, you would really need to be applying now!! City neighbourhoods which are good for kids? Solln springs to mind, I know a lot of families that live there. Or a bit further out... on the other hand, Munich has a lot of parks etc, so anywhere in the city would be ok, although of course some areas are nicer than others...
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