Couple caught shagging on Windsor Castle lawn

Romp in the royal hay, first pictures of couple

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A couple have been - I hesitate to say caught as there seemed nothing furtive about it - shagging on the front lawn of Windsor Castle - in full view of roads, shops, guardroom etc.

Had she known, Windsor Castle's most famous resident would not have been amused.

A couple were caught having sex on a grass bank outside the Queen's residence yesterday - as hundreds of shocked tourists looked on in horror and amusement.

Apparently unable to control themselves, the drunken pair stripped naked and began having sex in front of the Castle's Garter Tower in full view of a busy road and shops.

Amused Japanese tourists jostled for position as they filmed the couple.
See full story from The Daily Mail

The best bit surely though is that:

They even ignored the Please Keep Off The Grass signs.
It's a sexy spot...a real castle, a view, green, lovely grass...

And cute gothy teenagers were hanging around the day I was there.

Really, there ought to be places where you can give into green grass, sunshine, and love without getting a ticket for it.
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This is tourist stomping grounds, surely someone snapped a pic or a vid?
I read about it in the Telegraph Sex on Queen's lawn and it seems quite a few pictures and videos were made

but what I liked was the quote from one eye witness was "They even ignored the Please Keep Off The Grass signs. "
I'm impressed if they were having sex in front of Garter Tower, as that is one hell of a hill under it. I'm surprised they didn't lose their footing.
I don't think they were "standing up".
where can we see the videos of the japanese tourists filming them. how funny.
Punchbear - which film is that?
Photo from my wedding.
Orla, probably not, but someone would have had to have had their heels dug in on that hill.
someone would have had to have had their heels dug in on that hill.
Or something else. If I were having sex on that hill <musing> I would be afraid of rolling down. Maybe it would add to the pleasure, though <more musings>
This thread needs pictures.. so here you go the couple involved tada!
(NB. I'm sorry but this IS completely work safe)

They stripped for action after an all-day booze bender in which they sank champagne and wine in the Royal town’s bars.
Their 20-minute sex session — in front of 100 tourists — happened days after high-flying businessman Phil split with his pretty fiancée Lucy Meredith.
Nurse Lucy, 29, had accepted Phil’s proposal of marriage after a six-year romance.
And she had been organising their big day when their relationship hit the rocks.
Both American-born consumer internet expert Joy and balding Phil fear losing their jobs after their steamy “performance”.
My favourite bit

A neighbour said: “We call her the noisy American because you can always hear her screeching. I have to close my windows in summer as she makes such a racket.
“But I’ve never heard of her having outdoor sex before. She must have roused the whole of Windsor Castle.”
sorry, TD, that was a tad disappointing. I think few want to know what they look like with their clothes ON. (Ok, I should only speak for myself!!)

I am still awaiting the first snapshots/videos of the action.
Ah come on the neighbour's quote was brilliant
Plus having seen them clothed I'm not sure it will be a pleasant sight.

I'm of to search youtube
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