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Percentage due when ordering non-EU goods online

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Howdy folks, I've just landed here from Ireland and have a quick question. In Ireland, whenever you ordered anything from the net (from a non-EU country) that was valued over a certain amount (I think E80), you were charged Import Duty by the Irish government. This made ordering things like a load of DVDs from the states virtually impossible because of the large charge (I think 40% of the value).

My question here is does anyone know the values for this Import Duty in Germany? (if any), i.e. once it hits 100 euro, you get charged XX%...

Cheers for the help,
I'm not sure what the exact rate is, but when I first moved here three years ago my sister sent over a package worth $65. She marked it $100, and I got a bill in the mail from GLS for 33 EUR!

I think that the maximum value before import duties are charged is something like 30-40 EUR. Last year I ordered some DVDs from Australia that cost around AUD $80, and I was charged 10 EUR for it.
Import VAT is charged for any private package worth more than €45 and for any commecial package (sent by a company) worth more than €22.50. Additionally, you may incur duty charges (usally another 16%) for certain scheduled items.

Getting someone in the US to be your intermediary and resend the goods after removing the labels and such is OK, but it won't necessarily prevent the package being stopped and held by customs. You'll wait three weeks for a green postcard telling you to come on down to Landsbergerstr. and open up the box. They'll then determine themselves whether they believe the listed value. Small discrepancies will only draw a bill; big ones (new EOS-10 valued at $40, for example) may get you hit with a severe penalty for attempted fraud and they could confiscate the goods.

This has been discussed on a few threads already.

Import duties are the same % across the whole EU. It's how strictly they are interpreteted that makes a difference.
Rikscha Man
I good thing to do to avoid any fees is to put a post for people to contact you whenever they're going to the states. Then they could pick up the DVD's for you, or even better you could send the DVD's to their American address and avoid all Fees. I've done this quite often for friends when going home over X-mas or during the summer. Give it a try and good luck.
Or you can get the company who sends the DVD to put the value as 10 Euros, even when it's closer to 80 Euros...
Ok, this topic is a bit old, but turned up closest to my question , out of all search results.

Perhaps someone knows. Does one pay import duty on items shipped from within the EU? Thanks.
No, if it was bought in the EU then there is no import duty, as long as the VAT was paid somewhere. The only exception that this may not apply is to motor vehicles. Some countries have or used to have a special luxury tax for motor vehicles, however Germany doesn't.
It's not actually bought in the EU, I have had the item bought in the states by a person travelling and need it sent out from Vienna.
Dr. Love
Have a good look around this gem it should sort out all your queries.
Also you can punch in the TARIC code which gives you the import duty rate here.
I have had the item bought in the states by a person travelling and need it sent out from Vienna.
So irrespective of its' origin, it's now in Vienna and you want to get it to Munich?
If that is the case then it's already in the EU and there are no additional costs or charges for moving it between other EU countries.

It might be that charges should have been levied on entry into Austria, but if it's already there then the smuggling was successful. Just don't tell anyone else...
How about carrying electronic items like Macbook and couple of DJ equipments (duty paid when imported from UK) in your cabin luggage? Will I be charged with custom duty when I arrive at the German airport? I never have paid any duty though during international travel though!
Personal, used goods which belong to you are free of duty. Commercial or new goods with a total value over €430 are subject to duty and tax. It's up to you to declare them on arrival. If you don't and have goods more than this value you will be fined in addition the taxes and duty.

Note that if you are stopped and you claim personal goods you are carrying to be exempt you may be required to prove origin and age (usually with a receipt)

See New customs charges from December 1, 2008
Thanks a lot! That links answers pretty much all!
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