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Roy Makaay's Nose
Hi all. ust wondering if anyone knows of any websites (as opposed to actual stores in Munich) where I could buy a cheap pair of Lederhosen, even non-Leder ones (to keep the price down) as it's for a fancy-dress do in Munich and I can't see me wearing the outfit again - looking to buy as opposed to hire though as I can't guarantee it'll survive the night . I need to buy it online in advance cos I won't have time to go a-shopping once I'm there. Can anyone help?
There's always Ebay!
want to buy our mate some Lederhosen, & don't want to buy shiney-bottomed, dodgy-crotch-minging ones off ebay, where's the cheapest place we'd get em and how much will they cost about?
Uncle Nick
@Moonboot: Try Skandal in the side street next to the KVR. I got my Lederhosen and boots there for about 180 yoyos.
If you want some really manky ones go to C&A, they are like 60 euros brand new. They are shit though.
Johnny English
Got mine for I think €120 last month here:

Not much choice, but they do the trick as I see it more as "fancy dress" for an Auslander than something you can take seriously. In fact I do not want to be seen as trying too hard to get it right!!
thanks for the tips, am thinking may go for the manky cheap C&A ones as the way our mate is when he drinks, buying expensive ones would just be a waste
Uncle Nick
@Moonboot: a real pair of Lederhosen only start looking good once you´ve spilt beer on them, wiped greasy fingers on them etc. etc. (some even say that you should wet yourself in them!)
am shocked! glad dirndls aren't broken in that way!
I have a pair of lederhosen I wish to sell because they are no longer needed by me and I am sure they will be of use to somebody for the festival.

They are would fit a small man 35''

They Originally cost 350€ from Trachten Angermeier.

Looking for 100€ or best offer.

Email me for pictures or organising a veiwing please.

erm... have they been broken in... ?
This website has inexpensive lederhosen for sale (as well as for rent though that is not for you I gather).

Then you also have;

This one gives you a list of other websites:

Good luck.
Oh yeah, the leather is soft and reaks of organicly filtered liquid amber.... Not really =)

Hows this, thinking back I have had a couple of great nights in them. It would be great to pass these on to somebody who would give these 2nd skins a great 2nd leg to there life, an exciting one!

I will hand them over to the right person for 70€!
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