Cooked lentils sprouting in the fridge

How could this be, shouldn't cooking kill them?

I boiled 250 gms of red lentils last week and used 125 gms for a dish and the rest I stored in a stainless steel container and put it away the fridge (not in the freezer) as I intended to cook another dish in a day or two. However, due to lack of inclination/time, I just left them there for a week and opened the said container half an hour ago. I see that the lentils have sprouted or at least they appear to have developed some radicle protrusion. I do not have access to a microscope but I looked under a magnifying lens and have concluded the protrusions aren't wriggly worms but are firmly attached to the 'grains' of the cooked lentil.

Does anyone have an explanation for this - all those food scientists here?

I am wondering if I should leave it in the fridge to see what happens!
Weird, I thought that legumes and beans and things don't sprout after being cooked.
Eat them. Bean sprouts are bean sprouts.

I also doubt you truly cooked them through and through.
I usually have this happen after a make lentil soup. The green lentils sprout almost immediately. I have never had a problem eating sprouted lentil, green, puy or red. A quick smell taste will let you know if they have turned.
Thanks to those who replied. I got in touch with the Board/Authority that analyses foodstuff. They do not accept samples from the public for testing. However, the explanation offered is that since cooked lentils of all sorts do not sprout, the accumulated water in the starchy components of the lentil must have caused the grain to expand which in turn must have pushed the outer layer to appear like a sprout OR there is a secondary contamination resulting from the growth of another micro-organism.

I think it's more the latter than the former.

Private Lab? Expensive? Am now dilly-dallying between Lab and Lav.
Put one in a pot and see if you get a lentil tree.
Malcolm Spudbury
Eat them. If you don`t post again we`ll assume they killed you.
Exactly, you wouldn't want a tree to start growing inside you, that would shuck big time.
The Carly Simon Project
The explanation is that you are Michael Crichton and have come here to test the first chapter of your latest thriller on us.

Chapter 2
A lentil farm in Guatemala, 2007

Maria exhaled sharply as she deposited the swinging baskets on the scales and waited patiently for two other women to detach them from the yoke that straddled her shoulders. She straightened smoothly and tried hard to suppress a grin. Life on the lentil plantation was hard, but simple, and provided a good living for her family, especially since the American agricultural sciences company that had taken over a half a year ago promptly raised all employee wages significantly. The lentil harvests were also more frequent, and the lentils a richer, greener hue than under the old bosses.

“25 kilos,” said the lady to her right.

Maria frowned – it wasn’t the voice of Juanita, the balanzita she had come to consider enough of an acquaintance over the past few months to trade an occasional joke or bit of juicy gossip with. It seemed like more women than usual were getting sick on the plantation recently, but at least the new American owners provided good health benefits – the best around, in fact. And aside from the usual aches, pains and sometimes swollen joints of physical labor, and a newer, pesky rawness in her throat that seemed to come and go, she felt healthy as a horse and happy to be alive.
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