Setting up DSL with a T-Com Speedport W503V - Germany

Help cofiguring the router, internet, and phone

Can anyone help???

I need help configuring a T-Home Speedport W 503V. I've tried calling the customer service number but can never speak to someone who knows what they're doing... I'm lost and I received an instruction packet but it's all in German (duh)...Any help would be appreciated
What are you looking for in particular. So that u can get help.
Everything. I've tried typing in the IP Address as well as speedport.ip and it still will not work. It always says "This search page cannot be opened."
so you are having problems connecting to your router. First make sure you have the router wired to your computer. the type in http://speedport.ip then you should get the start screen asking you for your password which is on the back of you router or on the book that comes with it. If you still have problems reset your router and restart your computer try the same thing above again. If there is still a issue then you might have a defective box. I have the same box and had no problems connecting.
actually, it should be https://speedport.ip, not http://speedport.ip
Your right, but if you have firefox it will go to it by itself.
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