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Editor Bob
Thanks a million to Gideon for designing the new TT logo.

The idea behind this logo, and details about how it may be used are described below.
Toytown Munich
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So what's the idea behind this logo thingie?

The concept behind all brand identity work is just that, the communication of an important and individual characteristic of an organisation's identity. Does Toytown have one? Yes, in fact it has some important and strong characteristics which should be expressed in the branding.


The Toytown community has a primary binding characteristic; and that is English as its common language of communication. This may be represented in many ways, but the usage of a building block was chosen as it reflects the idea of language as a fundamental starting point without any form of geopolitical bias and, due to its childlike playful associations, portrays the idea of Toytown’s emotional identity - fun.

Using the common abbreviation of Toytown, two separate t's, in the upper and lower case of a slab serif typeface, on two sides of the block enhance and capture the playful language ideas.

The most interesting aspect of Toytown, is also the one which would weaken its brand identity if it were not taken into account, and that is the diversity of interests, opinions, activities and ideas that take place within the website. The Toytown building block’s last remaining side is there to reflect that diversity. Each person is free to design an icon for this side to express or represent anything related to Toytown - from a snowflake to a valentines heart, from a beer glass to a rugby ball - as long as it fits on the side, does not change the type or logo form, and is not offensive or tasteless.

This logo is free for non-commercial usage on the TT website only. Any other usage including merchandising, T-shirts, Caps, Bags etc. must be licensed by both the designer and TT.

2005 © YEOMANS
Toytown Munich
The strong graphic form, and clear simple typography used, allow flexibility without destroying the brand.


The Icon for the third side functions best when it is simple and graphic, and never larger than the red box indicated. For optimal results use the instructions provided here. The wording Toytown in Rockwell regular, a so called Egyptian slab serif, and the icon suffix in Rockwell bold, are both written in uppercase and without a letter space between the words. In the case of the suffix being a long word, or when the logo is to be used in a very small size, then the two line variant should be used. In order that the word Toytown can be read, it should never be smaller than an half the width of the block. The common justified positioning of the type below the logo allows each new and individual idea to remain within the Toytown brand without diluting the individuality of the icons.

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Attached image

2005 © YEOMANS
Toytown Munich
Simple rules for colour ensure that the logos remain within the brand.


Like the third side of the block, the colours used can be a personal expression of the individuality of each icon and its creator's wishes. Only the following rules should be observed. The two ‘t’ sides should always retain the same colour scheme. The block’s background and the type should also be of the same colour. The icon itself can be separately coloured, but it is recommended to restrict colour usage to two colours in order to retain the strong graphic qualities inherent and essential to the logo’s design.

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Attached image

Download the original graphics here: (ca. 2Mb)

2005 © YEOMANS

I think.
yeah, I like the winter logo too!

So what's the summer logo gonna be like?

A little close to the Sysco logo but I like it. Good job Gideon.

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Darn! Why didn't I submit my design for the TT flag to TT itself back last summer?
Bob, if you need another logo for something drop me a line.
Logo is totally cool! Good job designing!
Awww, and today it's all pink and hearts and lovey-dovey. Awwwwwwwwww...

Good job Gids. I knew you were good for something??!
Good one gids!
Strange how at the weekend I immediately notice the new logo. Good stuff.
And today it escaped me that it's gone red until I read showem's post.
I echo UA's sentiment.
the valentines day logo is cute.
Too pink. Puts me in mind of Pepto Bismol.
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