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I am British but speak fluent German and want to start working in a kindergarten with an idea of possibly setting up a bi-lingual one in the future. I have a teaching qualification (teaching English as a foreign language to adults) but no nursery qualifications. Does anyone know which British qualifications are accepted here to be an "Erzieherin". I could do an open university course if it's worth it. Thanks
First of all, try your luck and apply to different jobs. Even if you don't think they'll take you. They might look at you funny with a teaching qualification for a Kindergarten, but you might just need to explain what you have done to get it. They might accept your qualification, they might not. An Ausbuilding as Erzieherin might be a good thing to have, though.

I'm not an Erzieherin, but I work in a Kindergarten as a "Sprachassistentin". I got it through my experience (a very uncommon "qualifcation" in Germany) and my mother tongue. All depends what your looking for.

Good to find this post! My girlfriend has a Montessori Diploma in Vienna and we're now living in Berlin. I'm trying to find out if there are ways for her to work in Kindergartens without doing a 3 year berufsbegleitender course to become an Erzieher! She speaks fantastic English too. If anyone has any tips on positions that she can apply for without having to do the 3 year course that would be really great to know! Thanks very much in advance!
Hi! I am also going through this at the moment. Very frustrating! I have an Associate degree in Human Services-Early Childhood and Development from the states. I have no idea what is needed to teach here in Germany and am wondering if anyone knows if mine is equivalent to what is needed here? Would love some advice please! Thanks a lot
I work as a kindergarten teacher (not the same as what you are saying though..) and have no teaching qualification although my background is in psychology and I have worked with children in the past. I can give you advice about this from my own experience living here and I'm going to be honest it hasn't really been easy. Send me a PM if you want to talk!!
The kita im working for are right now harping on about getting my English qualification 'translated' I am currently in communication with the ministry in charge of childrens matters trying to find out what is needed..if I found out anything of interest I will post asap
Thanks for the replys! I am also wondering how I can obtain a police record from here? The kindergarten has asked that I get a background check from the states which I completely understand but have no idea how to go about that here. I found on that you can request one but I'm afraid it will take too long. I was told that you can only do it in person here if you have a valid the moment Im just "visiting". Anyone know how I can do this so it is does pretty quickly?

Thanks again!
I've worked in schools and a kindergarten since I came to Germany and only ever had a police check from the German authorities. However, my police check from the UK was still valid but they never even asked for that.
Courtney, I applied for my police background check while I was still in the States, but as far as I know, it was really a superfluous measure. If you still have a checkbook bouncing around somewhere you just might be able to apply for the thing through the mail.

However, like most public records, verification of identity is not necessary, meaning any old fool off the street can purchase your information. While that sounds a bit scary, it also means that any old fool could also be you.

There are some offices that only take cash or money order; as you likely already know, there are no money orders to be had 'round these parts. I applied for a copy of a public record concerning myself and sent cash through the mail and there was no problem at all, risky as it sounds. (Of course it was only about $20, I wouldn't recommend sending any more than that through the USPS)

You don't need an FBI report. A clearance from the local constabulary in the last place you lived in the States will suffice. Or do I just get lucky with these things because Germans don't know the difference between Washington State and Washington, D.C.?
there s an open position for an ERZIEHERIN in our kindergarten in Sendling.

Kiga St Korbinian....
Hi there, I was linked to this topic by someone who was trying to help me out.

I finish my college course at the end of this school year, and i will have a Level 3 Certificate in Childcare and Education. As mentioned in my thread, I know that this qulification allows me to work in nurseries and day care centre's in the UK, but does anyone know if the qualification would also be accepted for me to work in a kindergarten?

More information in my topic: Help- student wanting to move to Germany

Hanna ..all i can say is good luck I have a uk level 3 in pre school practice and it didnt get me very far im working ina a kita but as a native speaking assistant so id aim for that level
Thanks suffolkrose, I will keep that in mind. What sort of level would a native speaking assistant be at in terms of childcare, and what sort of work do they do?
As a native speaking assistant, I practically do everything else the Erzieherin does apart from all the paper work. I sing songs, play games, arts and crafts and the like. The key is learning through doing, and having fun. There's no point trying to brainwash the kids into learning it.

Thanks Kate, thats sounds fine to me. If I manage to get to Germany, I'll definetly aim for that
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