The A1 German language proficiency test

Advice on passing it to meet visa requirements

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I was told now that I must take this test to stay in Germany. Any idea on how hard this is and what is score needed to atleast be acceptable.
A1 is very basic. Both of the major institutes (Goethe, TELC) have model papers on their websites (but I can't link them here). The TELC is usually c 60% pass rate I think, with different grades above that. I presume there may be a Prep Book as well, so take a look at the DalsF section in your local bookstore, perhaps.

I've just read your other thread. I'd ty to persevere with the German, that's what opens the country up for a lot of us. So look for a different school if needed.
thanks so much for the checkin it now
@mari0228... I'm in the same boat as you and was about to post the same thing.

If you Google there are various sites with sample tests, but they mention 80% to pass.

Also I don't know if the test is just a multiple choice test... I assume it's a mixture of speaking, reading, etc... that's my question what it covers.

Also the Nuremberg office wants a certificate from the test (e.g. VHS), but the Stuttgart office said they'd just ask you some questions and if you get by then you're okay so I'm confused (we want to do it in Nuremberg since the Stuttgart folks did not seem too helpful and we have a complicated situation with where we are registered and where my job contract is).

Any comments from folks who have gone through this would be greatly appreciated!
I went thru this just weeks ago.

You have a few options.

1. go to VHS and take the 6 months course this will prove to them you know the language. they will not allow anything else unless your really fluent and they like ya.

2. you can also study on your own the basic and go to any school in the area that administers the test A1 test.
3. i just found a model test book from the A1 and passing is a 60, they just want to make sure you can atleast communicate the basic in german

4. becareful i have found that they require one thing and then change it later playing it safe and taking the test which is by law a must.

this site tells u all about it.

im studying now goin on april 8 to take my test.

oh here is the info.

i got the book Fit fürs Geothe- Zertifikat A1 this is from the testing place it has practice exercises for your test.
Thanks... we're looking at option 2 (take the test)... here in Nuremberg you can do it from the VHS (April 2 is the next one)... it's 60 Eur.

I'm self taught and in vocab above A1, but there are some holes in my knowledge so as I type going through practice books, etc with the wife (helps to sleep with a native German... and more fun).

FYI I'm using the studio D A1 workbook as well as the Fit fürs Geothe- Zertifikat A1...

I *might* be able to pass now, but it would depend of if it's just a written and basic oral test... but will go through the books and look at the links, get educated and hopefully be up to scratch by 4/2.

If you're just starting then a class may make sense (though 6 months is insane to just get to A1... you could do it in a few weeks if you focused IMO). I have only used Michel Thomas CDs and the Langenscheidt German Grammar + German in 30 days book
What in numberg??? send me the info. are you sure??? cuz i called the school and they do not offer the test A1 the offer their own. numberg is just 40 min. from me taking the test sounds better me actually.
oh one more thing.

its mutiple choice and listening thats the largest part of the test

then they ask you basic questions to see how well you communicate.
Heres a mock exam with listening parts and all plus the answers. (then click on Start Deutsch 1 (telc Deutsch A1) , I couldnt get the direct link to embed in the fourm)

It just checks if you can understand whats going on in simple situations. Nothing too complicated.
ooh im goin to check it out. i have been trying all the tests online. they help
It's the Nuremberg VHS... we're going tomorrow to check it out and see what the deal is on April 2nd... @mari0228 I can post the result on this thread and/or PM you
thank you i appreciate it. cuz VHS tricked me and it happened to be the test was their test not the one they require A1 test.
Also just to add to the confusion we were told A1 or A2... and we haven't figured out if they mean if you have A2 they assume A1 is included (but then that would also include B1,2)... or it just means we'll ask for A1 or A2 depending on if we like you, color of your skin, day of the week?
Do people from the EU have to take a German test to be able to stay here?
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