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The MVV is the Munich city public transport system.

"MVV" stands for "M√ľnchner Verkehrs Verein" which literally translates to "Munich transport union". It is a union because the U-Bahn, S-Bahn, buses, and trams all operate under one unified ticketing system. This means that although the U-Bahn and S-Bahn are run by separate companies, they have an agreement such that an S-Bahn ticket is valid for the U-Bahn, and vice-versa.

The MVV website is at:

All the information you'll ever need is to be found on the above website. This includes:

  • timetables
  • ticket options
  • prices
  • route maps
...for the

  • U-Bahn (subway trains)
  • S-Bahn (city trains)
  • buses
  • Strassenbahn (trams)
And what's more, the information is even in English.

There shouldn't ever be any need to ask an MVV ticket or timetable related question on TT because all info is on the official MVV website already. So go read that site first!

Here is a handy direct link to the: Itinerary planner
For English language enquiries you can also try this:
The MVV Wochen Karte.

Is it valid Monday - Sunday inclusive?

Sorry to ask a silly question but I can't see anything saying this on the ticket itself.

Thank you.
Editor Bob
As always, the official MVV website has the most up-to-date and comprehensive information about tickets, routes, and prices. And it's in English too! So don't ask your questions here. Read that website instead! It's quicker and the answers will most likely be more accurate.

How long is the IsarCard weekly ticket valid?

The weekly ticket is valid from midnight on Sunday until 12 noon on the first working day of the following week.
Mind you, the MVV is now called the MVG...
Tchya! From the wiki page on the MVV:

Somewhat confusing is the existence of the MVG. This stands for "M√ľnchen Verkehrs Gesellschaft" or "Munich Transport Company". This is owned by Munich city and operates the u-bahns, trams and many of the buses within Munich (and is a member of the MVV).

The Munich U-Bahn, bus, and tram networks are operated by the MVG. The S-Bahn network is operated by Deutsche Bahn. Both the U-Bahn and S-Bahn operate within the MVV combined ticketing scheme.
Gen -- S-Bahn infos
Hi. I'm flying to Munich next week and need to get from Munich Airport to Gruenwald, which is just on the edge of Munich. Since I'll have a lot of luggage, was wondering what's the easiest way to get to Gruenwald. Is car service expensive? Is there a train or would I have to keep switching trains? Any advice is much appreciated. :-)

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Taxi is going to cost you mmmmmm EUR 80.

Public transport, take either S1 or S8 train from the airport to Rosenheimer Platz (S8 quicker), up the escalator and onto Tram 15/25 for about EUR 8,50. For an abled bodied person with a couple of suitcases and a rucksack say, doable and a lot cheaper.

Happy trails.
You can always get on the Sbahn (train) to the main train station and then hop in a cab for the rest of the trip to cut down on the costs. However, if you are alone and packed down with luggage, you will be tired and it might be worth the 60-80 euros for the peace of mind and body.
Anyone got the link for the usefull wallet sized timetable (or one that I can reduce to wallet size), have done a search but cant find any info. The MVV website will only give me 12 pages of PDF for the whole of the S2.
All i Need is the s2 Hauptbahnhof-Erding-Hauptbahnhof times.


I think you are searching for this one: S2 Ost
And here you'll find all the pocket timetables


I'll be arriving to Munich next week. I heard there's a monthly S/U-bahn pass that one can get for more saving. Do anyone how much is one, and where I can get one? Do I need to show anything for buying one?


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any of the machines...and the cost depends on how much of an area you want it to be good for...and what times.

For one that's good any time except 6-9am, it's 50 euros...the entire system.
The Isar Card. It depends on how far your want to go on how much it costs. It's based on a ring system.
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