What it means to pay online via 'Vorkasse' - Germany

When buying something over the internet

Hello, I am trying to buy an air mattress off of the Rossmann website. But when I get to the payment method the options are bank account or credit card which must have a german address. I have neither just yet and won't have it in time to get the air mattress to me before my guests arrive.

The third option however is "Vorkasse"(Vorkasse - Der Zahlungseingang muss innerhalb von 10 Tagen erfolgen.)

Does anyone know exactly what it means? Do I pay at an actual Rossmann drugstore? Do I pay cash on delivery?

Any help in this situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Oh and here is the website just in case you want to see what it says for yourself.

Cash in advance.
When your payment clears te goods wll be elased for shipment.

Get a bank account sorted on Monday!
When I look at the payment methods under "Bezahlung" on the website I'm seeing:

Beim Rossmann Versand können Sie per Bankeinzug, Kreditkarte oder Nachnahme bezahlen

Zahlung per Einzugsermächtigungsverfahren - you give them the details of your back account and they withdraw the money when the item is shipped

Zahlung per Kreditkarte - credit card

Zahlung per Nachnahme - cash on delivery

I don't see Vorkasse there, where did you see it? It means that you transfer money from your bank account to theirs and the item is shipped when it shows up in their records.

Aha, I just looked a bit further and it says the payment methods open to you depend on the value of your order and your personal credit history with them so they may indeed be offering you Vorkasse if you're ordering for the first time.
Why don't you just go to a shop like Real or Poco and get one? Or is the price really that good?
Thanks for the help everyone.

Yea the price is great. I saw one at Real that was the same size and a little bit better quality for 100 euros...so really not worth the extra 45 euros.
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Vorkasse means you send them a bank transfer and when they receive it they'll post the goods. If you don't have a bank account then ask someone else to do the transfer and give them the cash. As long as the correct name and order number is quoted in the transfer then it's not a problem.
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