Milli Vanilli buried in Munich

The grave of Rob Pilatus

I'm about as far from a Milli Vanilli fan as you can get, but I was trying to dream up an offbeat 'see Munich' activity for when friends from North America come to visit.

I read online that when lip-syncher Rob Pilatus died in a Frankfurt hotel of a drug overdose, it was revealed that he would be buried in Munich as this is where his adoptive parents raised him.

Any idea where he's buried?

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Well according to Find A Grave.Com...

Singer, Entertainer. One half of the pop group Milli Vanilli. Rob was born in New York in 1965 son of an American soldier and a German mother. He grew up in Munich, Gemany. He began his career as a model and dancer before joing Milli Vanilli in 1988. In 1989 they won a grammy for the Album Girl You Know It's True, which was then striped from them because it was found out that they didn't sing a note on the album.

Cause of death: Overdose
Buried in Munich, Germany
Perhaps, you can make a Scavenger hunt outta it... Munich only has what, 4
Cemetaries... 1st to find'em wins ___________________.
Well, he's likely to have been buried in one of the big 3 - Nordfriedhof, Ostfriedhof or Westfriedhof. But they are pretty big, it would take a weekend to just search through one.
Actually, aren't most the promi's buried in the Waldfriedhof? I remember hearing it was closed to all but the promis when Herr Wiener Wald passed away. If I was to be motivated to look, which I am absolutely not, I would start there. Happy hunting though.
Editor Bob

Milli Vanilli star Fabrice Morvan tried desperately to avoid the photographers at his pop partner Rob Pilatus' funeral in Munich, Germany on Thursday. The disgraced 80's video star died last Friday after taking a lethal cocktail of drugs and alcohol. Pilatus' grandfather Hans Ulrich Goerlich insisted the ceremony at Waldfriedhof remain a private one for 200 family members and close friends, but journalists swooped in for pictures of the mourners as they were exiting the service.
And googling "rob pilatus friedhof" reveals:

Pilatus soll im Familiengrab seiner verstorbenen Adoptiveltern in München beigesetzt werden.
So Eurovol was half right. It's Waldfriedhof. But Pilatus is not necessarily there because he was famous, but because that's where the family grave of his adoptive parents is. Question is, who were his adoptive parents and were they famous? It also doesn't specify whether its the Waldfriedhof Alte Teil or Waldfriedhof Neue Teil.
Ah, Waldfriedhof, yeah. Forgot about that one.
So are we going to make a TT event out of this...

You guys take the Alt, we'll take the Neu.. Send up a flare when ya find'em

The sites linked above contain maps of the hofs "Plot Maps"
Editor Bob
I happened to take a walk through Waldfriedhof earlier today. Nice for a quiet Sunday afternoon stroll in the sun and the snow. I kept an eye out for the grave. There's absolutely no hope of finding it by chance though. Waldfriedhof is huge!!! You'd need to know what sector to look in. The sectors are numbered 1 to 500.

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How to figure out the sector, well, there's a chance he may be listed in this book:

Persönlichkeiten in Münchner Friedhöfen
ISBN 3980221148, published 2002, 251 pages, €15

Unfortunately it's not currently stocked by Amazon. You might try contacting the publishers directly and ordering a copy:

Publishers: Erich Scheibmayr,
Windeckstr. 71b, 81375 München
Tel. 089 715593

Alternatively you could try calling Pilatus's grandfather and asking him. He's listed in the telephone book:

Görlich, Hans-Ulrich
As suggested by Showem below, address and tel. number now removed
That's not nice, putting his phone number up there. Someone is likely to call.
And for those who would like to know, here is a list of 40+ other Famous people buried in/around Munich.

Walter Sedlmayr
Birth: Nov. 6, 1926, Germany
Death: Jul. 14, 1990, Germany

Actor. He appeared in "Polizeiinspektion 1" and other famous Bavarian series.
Cause of death: Murdered
Is that irony?
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