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I've been searching all over the internet for help with this issue and your forum keeps turning up, so I thought I would see if anyone here could help. I was in Berlin last month and my first ride on the U-Bahn I accidentally bought a short ride ticket instead of a regular ticket and happened to get stopped by the transit police. It was my stupid mistake and I accept that. I was given a 40 euro fine that I need to pay.

However, I understand very little German and can't figure out how to pay this. I've emailed BVG (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe) and also called them, but keep finding myself unable to communicate as I only speak French and English. I haven't been able to find out if there is a way to pay online or mail a check. I live in France, so I think I can use their IBAN number, although I don't know what name is on the BVG account or who I would contact for a receipt. I was given a form when I got fined, but the numbers that I think are my "bankleitzahl" and "Konto-Nr. des Kontoinhabers" aren't fitting in the boxes. I'm feeling a little foolish and lost so I would appreciate any help.
"Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe" will be the name of the account owner. You don't have to use their form, just do online banking.

From I got the following Bankleitzahl and Kontonummer for the BVG themselves:

Berliner Bank AG & CO.KG Konto-Nr. 1800377000, Bankleitzahl 10020000

Berliner Bank Girokonto: BIC (oder auch SWIFT-Code): BEBEDEBB IBAN: DE30100200001800377000

Don't any of those numbers fit into your online banking form?

Receipt, I don't know. Is there a line called "Verwendungszweck" on the form you got? Copy that into the subject line of your online banking.
I think OP - who deserves lots of good karma for paying although abroad, considering some attitudes we have seen here - has the transfer form issued when caught, it's probably not suitable for a foreign transfer.

I didn't have time to research earlier on so I e-mailed the BVG, these are the bank details they mailed back:

bank:Süd-Westdeutsche Inkasso-KG, Baden-Baden
account: 25403-755
(BLZ: 66010075)
IBAN : DE 36 6601 0075 0025 4037 55
It seems that the BVG doesn't collect the fine at all, they sell it to an agency who does the dirty work, Lord forgive me.
Thank you both for your quick and helpful replies. I'll be by my bank tomorrow to hopefully get this paid.
I was fined in Vienna on the UBhan was in the city on holidays
The fine was like 65€ or something paid 40€ that I had at the time
Went back to Dublin and paid the rest
I just posted it to the address at the back
Prob pocketed by someone still I no longer live with the fear of europol knocking on my door
Hi Everyone,

I got fined on the U-bahn as I forgot to validate my ticket - completely my fault.

I left Germany the very next day, so didn't have time to sort it all out. Also, my German is not very good, so I don't really understand what it says on the slip of paper I have been given. Does anyone know how to pay from a foreign country? I want to get it done as soon as possible to save from any further problems!


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Unless you're planning to come and live and work in Berlin in the near future, I wouldn't worry about it.

If you are planning to, then simply ask a friend here to pay it for you and wire them the money. Haven't had one for a long time,
but there is probably a bank account number (Konto-Nr), along with a specific case number (Aktenzeichen). I think you can pay via internet banking very easily.
It never goes away. Just pay leaving it can affect you if you later decide to come back.
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