Weight Watchers meetings in Munich

Experiences, contact info, when and where, etc.

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Someone mentioned that Weight Wtachers had an English speakng meeting in the Schleissheim area. Does anyone know if this is true? Have a phone number, contact name and/or number? When do they meet?
I will soon explode eating all this Bavarian cuisine!
Thanks! :o
have you tried the WW Germany website? The sites always have a meeting finder - ie you put in your postcode and they give details of the classes in your area
Hi all!
I've been lurking around the forum since I moved to Munich 3 months ago and thought I might aswell sign. So for my first post, what I want to know is if any of you have done Weight Watchers here? It would be great if there were meetings in English, but I can't seem to find any here in München, so I'm willing to suck it up and sign up for German meetings. Unfortunately all the Schnitzel and Spaetzle has been taking its toll on me and something needs to be done!

So I just wanted to know if any of you have any experience with WW here?
Thanks a bunch!


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There's a diet thread The Diet Support Topic.
Was a member 3 years ago - the woman running it was fatter than me which put me off so I only went 3 times (and used my points on wine - oops).
Really depends on which meeting you go to too, I went to one in Gern in an old people's home so yes it was full of pensioners.
They haven't yet introduced the Switch programme yet here - WW.co.uk has the info about that.
And welcome to TTM!
My partner has been told by his doctor that he needs to lose weight and she recommended Weight Watchers. However she then proceeded to put him off by saying that 'a lot of men don't like Weight Watchers because they don't like going to the meetings with a bunch of fat housewives'. Great. Anyway, I see that WW have a special program for men called MP5. Has anyone out there tried this program? Was it worthwhile, were you successful?
I lost some weight with WW and as soon as I stopped going to the program, I gained it back double. So much for it not being a yo-yo diet. The group I went to was in Schwabing, Arcisstrasse, not to be recommended. The leader was a stick figure who had reached her goal of losing 4 kilos. The rest of the group was people who weighed exactly the same every week and then made excuses about why they weren't losing. Group discussion lacked any positive effect, and you had to pay ten euros for someone to weigh you!

I would recommend getting the literature, and just acquainting yourself with what amount of what kind of foods you should be eating each day, try to stick to it, maybe get a friend to do it with you, get a little exercise, and weigh yourself for free. The most positive thing I got out of it was to be aware of what I eat (write it down in a little diary) ... and to learn to eat smaller portions.

OR get a dog, you will automatically lose weight.
if he doesnt want to go to the meetings then maybe he can try WW online instead of going to meetings. A few of my friends did it this way and it worked for them. I found going to the meetings to be weighed though was my biggest motivation every week. Believe me it isnt any easier going as a girl but once you have been the first time its so much easier and you do get a lot of support from other people there. In fact at my last group in the uK the leader was a man.

good luck to him! the programme in general is a good one (altho hadnt heard of one specially for guys) and it worked for me when i did it.
I lost some weight with WW and as soon as I stopped going to the program, I gained it back double. So much for it not being a yo-yo diet.
Perhaps because you are supposed to control your caloric intake for life, not just for the months you are using the diet?

I think seb's idea is a good one. Your partner can do the online program, either the German or UK or American or Canadian or whatever one they want. I'm not sure all the countries use exactly the same programs, but obviously you can check them out before joining. The advantage of joining the German one is that they know how many calories/points are in a Leberkäsesemmel, while the UK one won't. If he does want to do it in person, you can also ask if they have any meetings where there are more men participating. I would imagine that evening and weekend programs are more likely to have some blokes on them.
WW's greatest strength is the behavioural modification part - that it gets you to think about your eating and make a lasting adjustment.
But as Showem said, WW is only a tool, like any method, the person themselves has to make the change and WW might not suit all.

If you can get copies of the UK or whatever country reflects your eating style, this can help you calculate your points for foodstuffs not listed in the German one or vice-versa.
The WW forums might also help?

PS He must not forget sport!
@Showem, I prefer not to live my life thinking "I still have 3 food points I can spend on dinner -- hmm, that would be two leaves of lettuce with half a teaspoon of olive oil, half a piece of wholewheat bread, and a half-inch square of 80 percent chocolate----or should I go for a half bite of a Döner?" -- Doing WW the weight melted off me, way too fast actually, and I hadn't internalized anything. A healthy body is important, but so is not obsessing about food or lack thereof!

Besides, if controlling caloric intake were that easy, no one would need support losing weight, now would they?

As I said, for me personally, getting a dog was great. I now get out for walks several times a day, feel much happier in general, meet more people, and am too busy to sit in front of the TV munching on whatever is in my pantry (oops, we don't have those here ... I mean cupboard). I prefer petting my dog to the taste of food now. And having been in WW did give me a bit better understanding of the fat and sugar in foods, some of which was quite surprising to me, and I do catch myself applying it every now and then (I never particularly cared for "healthy" avocados, and after I found out that an avocado has 1/3 of a person's daily allowance of food, I felt no loss at not eating them any more --- or did you know a croissant has 3 times as much food value as a Butterbreze? I don't like croissants, either, so they are defo not on the menu for me anymore).

Of course the reason a person is overweight varies dramatically from case to case, so each person needs to find what works for them. Just please don't become one of those miserable, only-eats-side-salads-at-restaurants skinny people. Enjoy life! Being healthy is conducive to that, but it's not the be-all-end-all.
I did WW in the states with my sister, with good results for both of us, though it's not for everybody. Agree that behaviour modification is the best part of the program, I still often find myself thinking, 'That snickers bar is 7 points, do I really want that?". I also agree that the meetings were a huge part of the motivation, though that depends a lot on the leader. Though obviously the leader does not lose weight for you, it makes a huge difference for some reason.

I tried the online program later, as maintenance, and found I never bothered with it, I had much prefered the meetings. I'd suggest to someone to at least start trying to go to the meetings first and use the online program as a supplement.
The advantage of joining the German one is that they know how many calories/points are in a Leberkäsesemmel, while the UK one won't.
you can still post on the German WW forum and ask the question there re: points in the German-specific stuff, even if you are signed-up for the UK/US/whatever online program
I do like the program, I did it in Canada, and found the meetings a great support and motivation. I like the idea of a 'behavior modification' instead of a diet. I have never kept with it (like most people don't last on a diet either) but I did make it once 6 months of the program, and felt really good.
Check in your area about the meetings, they might have some evening meetings that will have men in it.
I still do cook some of the recipies that they gave us.
So back to the first post in this thread. Is there an actual ww meeting in English? (in Munich)
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