Munich sex fairs - Erotikmesse

Are they worth the entrance fee?

I understand the sex fair is in Munich this weekend, has anyone been? Is it any good?

Apparently it's 20 euros. But I would expect a lot for my 20 euros!
Went to one here last year. Paid the €20 and regretted it about 10 minutes later. Complete waste of time and money. Nothing erotic about it at all. Lots of stalls selling porn videos, dildos and fetish gear. Crappy strip-shows with dodgey looking blokes with their hands in their pockets having a fiddle. Blantantly obvious prostitutes mingling with the punters and clearly touting for business.

Avoid it cause it's a total waste!!
Snow White
They have live table-dancing all day. So I'm told.
Don't go, trust me. You'll be sorry.
Keydeck is the bible when it comes to going out in this fair town (and possibly when it comes to sex as well), but if he says it's that bad, I guess I would be better off in New York Table Dance place???
I gave up my bible a long time ago Jimbo.

But seriously, the one we went to was in the Löwenbräu by Steiglmeirplatz. Basically it was a big hall with a stage at the end. Mostly it was stalls with dildos of all sizes and shapes, porn videos and magazines. 80% of the people seemed to be blokes in their 40's. Of the 2 acts we saw on stage, one was nasty looking and couldn't dance and the next one seemed to be handing out business cards to the dodgey blokes crowded round the stage. There was a special show in a separate room once every 2 hours but we missed the timing and weren't going to stick around to wait. Apparently it involved stripping with extras. We think that was something to do with ping-pong balls or some such.

Anyway, three of us went and the €60 could have gone to much better use.
The Erotik Messe are a waste of time. Expensive tat. Just go to Beate Uhse instead!
I saw a load of adverts for the Erotik Messe which is on some place in the Olympic park, has anyone been?
just curious as to what it is actually like

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Mike Fish
Waste of cash, lots of prozzers looking for trade, and lots of spooky dudes playing Pocket Billiards. Beate Uhse is free, heaps better and they sell inflatable, multiple-orificed sheep.
Went to one in '98 at Kunstpark Ost which was actually alright was the usual sex shop type thing, decent enough strippers on stage, a special room for private dances and 'supposedly' innovative new toys and thrills.

One of the latest things was a 'rotating loveseat' which you hung from a hook in your living room and used to swing into your missus with ...there was a hole in the middle to stick your tackle through like. The training video that they were showing was priceless !

At the time it was something like 15 Deutschmarks to get in ...sounds from the latest visits in this thread that things have gone downhill though ...
This is the only exhibition worth going to: Budapest Erotika
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