Where the cheap second-hand cars are in Europe

How to go about buying and in which countries


Given the torrent of bad news regarding the world economy, I was thinkning of stepping up and doing my bit to combat this financial crisis by buying a used car, thereby essentially financing the seller to buy a brand new car and create endless jobs for all. I will of course stipulate to this lucky seller that they purchase a German brand car. All good.

So, does anyone have any idea which country would be the cheapest in Europe to buy a second hand (probably Audi) car? I was thinking that Denmark could be a possibility, what with the Krone doing so badly. This is also fairly handy as i am living in Northern Germany (and of course would want the car to be based here also). Anyone have any ideas if there is a similar Danish website to autoscout24??

Any suggestions / tips would be appreciated!
In the old eastern countries..
err....in my experience the exact opposite is true.
UK seems to have the cheapest but afraid the steering wheel's on the wrong side
I suppose DK meant former East Germany.
I could be wrong on this, but I think a used car from Denmark would be very expensive. Denmark has very high taxes on new cars, which forces the manufacturers to sell their cars as cheap as possible. If you buy a new car to export then you don't have to pay these taxes, so they are cheap. However if you buy a used car the only tax you could avoid is the VAT,which would only work with a dealer not a private sale, which you would then have to pay in Germany.
In Africa. And Iraq. That's where all the used European cars are going anyway, either complete or in parts.
Denmark is the last place in Europe you want to buy a used car. They tax cars 180% of the manufacture price plus VAT. I believe there is a lawsuit going up to the European court about it because it unfairly tariffs cars from within the EU. They claim it is a fee but what the fuck, they think their health care is good too. However, as Allerhausen says, new cars from dealers are a different story. I've done this and saved 23% all in.

in fact, if you ever have the misfortune of moving to Denmark, make sure you leave your German car at home or sell it. Those bastards even put this tax on cars imported as personal moving goods by 180% as well no matter how long you have owned it. In this case, they have two socialist/fascists from the tax authorities and one guy from the auto club to evaluate your car. You never know, maybe you put an air freshener in the car and that raises the price. Even if you are a temporary foreign expert you have to pay it and you won't get a kroner back when you leave with the car. This makes an artificial market within the EU - no car can leave this Danish car hell.

So kiddies, don't buy a used car in Denmark, they are all shitboxes anyway.
Thanks for the tips guys...

Won't be bothering with Denmark then. Was looking at the UK, because there are some real bargains to be had, but i the steering wheel is gonna be a problem.

Any indication to what point one can haggle over here? 10&? 20%... 50%?
i.m from macedonia and
i want to buy second hand van from munchen
can somebody tell me some web pages where i can inform myself about the price and other staf.
... I was thinking that Denmark could be a possibility, what with the Krone doing so badly ...
Danish Krone

... The krone is pegged to the euro via the ERM II, the European Union's exchange rate mechanism. Before the introduction of the euro, the krone was linked to the German mark, the intention being to keep the krone stable ...
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