Second-hand electrical appliance stores

Locations in Frankfurt, do they even exist?

In my perambulations around FFM, I don't think I've ever seen a second-hand electrical appliance shop. Have I just been walking the wrong streets, or is there some German safety law or other that prohibits the sale of used washing machines / freezers / TVs / etc?

Thanks for any and all input on this burning issue.

There is one on Sandweg, can't remember the name of it, it's near the beginning on the right hand side as you drive up the street, just past the drycleaners...between Königswarterstr and Mousonstr...
Thanks @DMcinDE - will go and have a shufty.

Any more for any more?

Maybe a bit too late for the OP but maybe of interest for other readers...

Remar 2nd Hand Shop
Hölderlinstr. 5

This is a small street very close to the entrance of the Zoo.
Most of the offered stuff is used furmiture, but they also sell electrical appliances.
(this is actually a christian charity organisation!)
(check Impressum for opening hours)
Sandweg 82-84

This may be the store DMcinDE referred to. They sell stuff from household clearances.

Very varying quality (and varying prices); they have some really odd and freaky stuff.
Worth visiting for the impressions alone.

Knocks OHG
Stoltzestr. 12
(near the jewish museum / Konstablerwache)

Used Audio / HiFi / TV / PA stuff.

There is also another used HiFi shop in Sachsenhausen (near the mattress shop).
Neufundland Second-Hand-Warenhaus in Frankfurt-Griesheim repairs and re-sells electrical appliances, furniture and other household goods while offering training and job opportunities for the long-term unemployed. You can also drop off your unwanted bit and pieces next door at the Recyclingzentrum.

There's a similar project run by Caritas in Offenbach called Luise 34 - das soziale Kaufhaus.
This is the one in Sandweg - Bornheim.

And this is another one.

It's worth checking the discounters like Pro-Markt, MediaMarkt and Saturn because they sometimes have some killer special offers.

My compliments...
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