Cost of dog grooming in Germany

I paid €46, can you believe it?

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Hi all,

Went and took my mini yorkshire terrier today to have her haircut and it cost me €46. Now is it me that only thinks this is way too much??? At home in england i pay £18, but 46 euros is a rip off. Just had to see if this is normal, does anyone know?? And also had to let out my anger. xx
That's about what I pay for my 17 kilo terrier (the larger black dog in my profile pic), but it includes cut, shampoo with conditioner, trim the nails and check/clean the ears. Just last week I bought myself some pet clippers. Going to try and start doing it myself. Might end up with a funny looking dog the first few times, but will save lots of money over the years to come.

I gave myself a 50 euros budget, figuring that if I can't do it myself then I've only wasted the equivalent of one trip to the groomer, give or take. Ended up buying this clipper for 36.90 based on reviews. Haven't tried it yet, but I can get back to you when I do and let you know how it goes.
At least its nice to know i am not the only one that is paying this much. I think i might need to start learning how to cut dog hair myself, think at what you earn. Yeah i think i might need to try cutting her myself too. Would love to know how yours goes, piccies too. xx
46 Eur is cheap.. (Well for Germany that is)
thats cheap, well maybe i should start up my own company and charge €30
Cheap? I think it's about a normal price, but not cheap.

Price of grooming normally depends on size of dog, type of fur, type of cut, condition of coat (i.e. how much extra work needs to be done), what kind of cut/grooming is wanted.
I have a malamute/lab mix and I made an appointment for next Friday to have her bathed, brushed and have her feet done (trim the fur on her hind legs and all feet with nail clip also). I was told it would cost 50 Euro, and thought that's a lot! But I guess its about the going rate. I would do it myself because I have a big tub, but its the getting her dry that is all the work! I just groom my little cairn terrier myself. I wash him in the tub and use my blow dryer to dry him. I never cut his fur (except around his eyes). I just comb him and use a grooming tool that strips the undercoat. I like him all fluffy
i agree it is alot, Where have these groomers got there prices from?? Yes i understand that its is skilled and they do washed, dried, cut and everything else but still.
...and use my blow dryer to dry him.
For other folks out there, be very careful when using a "human" hair dryer on a dog, and avoid the hotter settings. A dog's skin tends to be more sensitive than ours, which is why pet blow dryers are quite cool in comparison to ours.
thank you for the tip on the hair dyer, have you anymore??
I'm just glad I'm getting a short-haired pup! 4 weeks and counting!
Where have these groomers got there prices from?? Yes i understand that its is skilled and they do washed, dried, cut and everything else but still.
It's a market economy.
The price will move based on demand and competion.
somebody might come along and do it cheaper as happenend in hairdressing.
Assuming I get the hang of these clippers, anyone want to set up a dog grooming business with me?

@finky - Is there anything in particular you want/need to know? I assume you know all the basics, like not giving your doggie too many baths too frequently, although just rinsing with water is always ok. My Jack Russell mix only gets a soapy bath if she's really stinky or sticky which means perhaps twice a year. Otherwise she just gets a really good brushing or a good rinse to get mud off. Only use lukewarm water rather than hot water, and if you're in doubt then go cooler. Never use human shampoo since a dog's PH balance is different from ours. Actualy, there are even PH variations between breeds of dogs, with a German Shepherd having a PH of around 8.6 while the average dog's skin has a PH of 7.4. We humans are at 4.8 or so.

Go ahead and ask if there's anything specific you're wondering about. There's quite a few dog people on TT who can answer any questions, so if I don't know then I'm sure Mere or someone else will jump in.
Hi again. I wash my cairn about every three weeks because he really does get stinky and he gets "dingleberries" on his tail end. I use a mild dog shampoo and I do blow-dry him, but not using the hot setting. Actually when I adopted him he had some skin problems and was very itchy. I changed his diet to a no wheat, no corn food and he is doing great. He has a beautiful coat now and never chews on himself. I think it just depends on the dog as to how often you need to bathe them. With my mal/lab she's not actually had a wet bath since October. I brush her well every week, and use a brush called a "furmanator" to brush out her undercoat. I am getting her bathed by a groomer this week though. She's due
46 for two hours work , cheaper than the plumber or mechanic or vet.Minus all the costs seems ,like haidressers, groomer is almost working at minmum wage!!!
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