Cheapest travel options from Stuttgart to Berlin

How to do this journey without breaking the bank

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Hey folks, I know similar questions have been asked before and I am aware that there are few bus companies operating inter-city routes in Germany. I have to get to Berlin on 13/03/09 - I need to be there about 4pm - leaving again on Sunday - at the moment there is still no suitable mitfahrgelegenheit, the train costs a fortune...€126 for the ICE ...each way! YIKES! taking regional trains it takes all day - 11hrs and still will cost €160 return...hmm, I am going for a stag night so trying to budget myself for the weekend is tough with cost of getting there so high...anyone privy to any other option, any bus company that operates under the radar so to speak??....and yes I have checked cheap flights and there is nothing suitable either.
lufthansa, arriving 13:00 on 13th, leaving 11:50 15th 98€
Germanwings also fly from Stuttgart to Schoenefeld, 2-4 flights per day. Prices vary though...
Cheers lads! Checking them out now...
Flying is generally less expensive than Die bahn (when you get a normal to good price).
well every trip I have wanted to take its being cheaper driving or flying.
crazy I know. plus you don't have to spend 1000 hrs on a Train.

Could try also the mitfahrzentral (if i spelt that correctly), its a service/website where people post where they
are driving to and ask for people to drive with them and share the petrol cost or what ever the discussed price is.
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I think your train prices are a bit wonky; I got €109 in first class for the outward leg and €59 for the return in second class. Fri-Sun is always expensive; a midweek return on the train would cost €58.
...Im pretty sure the train prices were correct - I will try again...thanks for the website
Grege and you usually meet cool people and its enviironmentally friendly...just remember if you are tall small cars wont be the best
Use earlier ICEs to Berlin on friday - all trains going from Stuttgart in the morning (arriving around 11 am to 1 pm) still have 59 Euro Specials open.
For the return trip, take regional trains and a SWT ticket for 37 Euro on sunday.
Hello folks,

I'm looking forward to Travel to Berlin from Stuttgart on 26/September/2014- Friday. I'm not okay with Journey through Car and the bhan trains seems to be costly. Could some one suggest the cheapest/Economical means for my Journey to Berlin. I heard is good, is it advisable?

Thanks for Understanding!

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Flying will not be cheap, but it's the only option you leave open.

Cheapest options are: bus or car-share. Google for Fernbus (long-haul bus) and Mitfahrgelegenheit (ride-sharing).
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My friends traveled by bus from Stuttgart to Danzig in Poland and back this summer. I believe they paid about 120 EUR round trip. It took them almost a day of travel. One of the stops was in Berlin so you will probably pay cheaper and travel lesser hours. This is where their bus station was in Stuttgart:
Hafenbahnstraße 13
70327 Stuttgart

This is just one long-haul bus example. There may be other buses that travel directly to Berlin that are shorter in travel. I think the ride-sharing is probably the cost effective route, but you will be limited to other people's schedule.
Thank you all for this guidance. I will follow your suggestion. I would prefer Bus if it is cheaper. But a good hostel to book will also be comfortable for me.

What does a hostel have to do with which mode of transportation you use to reach your destination?
I was referring to my stay after travel.
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