Killing and rape of white girls in India

Is the country safe for western tourists?

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I plan to visit India in April with my family but I was reading news that last years no. of attacks on Western in India has incresaed and some Western women has been raped and killed by Indians.
Now I am in not sure if I should take a risk?
Yes, they're on the warpath

I was in Delhi last October with a pile of western women. I don't think any of them were defiled. Well, not against their will as far as I am aware.

Seriously, is it a genuine question you're asking or did you just fancy starting a thread and couldn't think of anything better?
Yeah India has a rape problem unlike any other country in the western hemisphere... I also hear that it is great time to invest in Rubles.
What a load of you have something to validate this??? Apart from the Mumbai incident...but no one was raped??
I travelled India a few years back, alot of it by myself... no real problems, many taxi drivers wanted to pick me up, but i was just polite and said no. The heat and humidity got to me more than the men did.
excuse the usual fuckwittery responses. not the best of places to go. bring your family some where nice
India is a pretty big place. There are good neighbourhoods and bad, just like every other country. Perhaps if you were a little more specific about where in India you were going, then we could be a titch more helpful. You might want to avoid some of the Pakistan/Indian border areas.
India is the most interesting place I've ever been, and I would not pass up the chance to go. But by family, do you mean small children? They might find the inevitable stomach problems hard to bear.

Unless you're a troll, of course, then you should visit the underside of a bridge.
Maybe Keydeck is right. Rather than travel advice - you are probably sensationalising the topic with this raping, shaping etc.
Seek serious travel advice and you would get unbiased pros-and-cons about India tourism. You can never visit a place peacefully if this is the first question that comes to your mind.

I would not have had the sexiest time in my life along the Atlantic Coast in Portugal last Easter, if I had started my travel planning with Madeleine in mind.

India is as safe for western people as you are inside the London Metro.
Bell the cat
India is a huge country with many many many tourists visiting it. The attacks are no more prevalent in india as far as I an see than Australia, USA etc. I was in India in March and, apart from being browbeaten by an indian neonazi on a train, I had no problems at all and found the place welcoming wherever I went.
You could always send your wife ahead of you. Give her a few uneventful weeks there first before setting out yourself.
as far as western media (and some indian news outlets) goes, there actually have been more attacks reported in the last year or two - very recently i think a german woman in Jaipur (sketchy story of rape though she didn't claim it), some indian girls at a bar in Mangalore recently, the english girl in Goa last year, and a group of girls at a hotel in Mumbai one or two years ago. i can find links later, but you all can google just as well.

in my personal opinion, it seems there is a pattern to it - women - without male escorts - coming out of night clubs at large hotels or bars are getting attacked.

as a woman - or traveling w/women, if you want to go to india, just use a bit of exaggerated common sense - don't go to the bars/clubs too late or alone. if you are in them, pick those that are inside of the hotel you are staying at so you avoid being out on the streets to get home late at night. keep some rupees in your pocket to bribe whoever you need if trouble arises. (Read the section on traveling in India as a woman in the Lonely Planet guidebook. It's pretty spot on.)

oh, try not to wander off alone with strangers - especially if you're doing drugs in goa.

during the day you'll be absolutely fine - just remember to respect the local cultures.
I think shelly5 gave a very good explanation.

If you compare the rape victims to the white rape victims its nothing. So in general women are targeted when you are careless enough.

India is still a developing country and it has its own problems with large population. So don't expect every corner of India to be monitored by police or some ccd cameras. Use your common sense and travel around.

Just as an example, if you are drunk and laying around (like in the October fest), by the time you wake up, you would be r..ed by infinite number of people. So do not expect the similar security cover as in western countries.

To end, rapists are everywhere, in some places they find the prey easily and in some places they do not.
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I think what David I is referring to is what is known as 'eve teasing' in India and Pakistan. A quick google will yield the following info for anyone interested:

Eve teasing (Wikipedia)

"Eve teasing is a euphemism used in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan for sexual harassment or molestation of women by men. Considered a growing problem throughout the subcontinent, eve teasing ranges in severity from sexually suggestive remarks to outright groping. Some guidebooks to the region warn female tourists that eve teasing may be avoided by wearing conservative clothing, though eve teasing is reported both by Indian women and by conservatively-dressed foreign women"

It does seem to be a real problem in India though foreign/western/white women are not targeted any more or less than Indian women are. Basically, women/ teenage girls probably shouldn't be alone in public wherever possible and should not go out at night (as said). If you're thinking of bringing your children and are worried, pick your destination wisely and keep an eye out. I've never been though so can only tell you what's advised
Smilin' Eyes **
women are targeted when you are careless enough
Yes, it's all your fault really.
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